Mia Malkova is a gifted actress and social media celebrity belonging to the adult entertainment industry. She can be described as one of the most successful names due to which the adult content industry gained a lot of popularity. She has spent most of her life contributing her acting skills to deliver the most amazing content in the form of entertaining videos and live streams. No doubt that she has earned so many followers worldwide who regularly view her videos and are very much interested in her life all these years. As of now, she has however chosen to end her stint in the adult film sector and joined the online gaming industry in which she is also making a name as time progresses.

Early Life

The answer to the question of where was Mia Malkova born lies in the fact that she is an American by birth. Her hometown is at Palm Springs California state of the United States of America. She was born in July 1992 and has a brother too. She has a variety of names that she earned during her professional stint and that speaks volumes about her popularity. She was quite bold since her childhood and surrounded herself with like-minded people with whom she could share her passion as friends. One of the mysteries regarding her is that people do not know much about Mia Malkova‘s parents, which rarely happens especially when someone has become a star like her. The only other known relative of hers is a brother who has also followed the same career path as herself. He is known as Mia Malkova’s brother Justin Hunt.

Interesting School Friend

Personality-wise, Mia was known as a shy kid in her school group but she seemed to become interested in adult movies from the mere age of 12 years. People around her were shocked to learn that she was watching such content so early in her life and this was the beginning of something phenomenal. Nobody knew that her interest would end up becoming Mia Malkova’s career and she would become a household name in this industry. We now know that it was her school friend Natasha Malkova who became the real inspiration behind her career as she introduced her to the adult entertainment sector. 

Mia and Natasha Malkova were very good friends in school and Natasha herself is another name to reckon with. Natasha Malkova and Mia Malkova have worked together in several movies and videos which have gone on to become one of the most watched content online. The subscribers to the account Mia Malkova love watching them together since they both are quite skillful in what they do. Nobody wants to miss out on their power-packed performances when they appear on the screen together and make record-breaking viral videos that have been shared several times and always make it to the most watched list of videos. 

Various Identities

Mia is known by so many names that people often end up asking what Mia Malkova’s real name is as they are mostly confused with the amount of information available on this topic. The list is endless and nobody knows for sure if this is an exhaustive list as there might be more names that she has acquired during her career in the adult film industry. The ones that she is referred to most commonly are Jessica, Mia Bliss, Madison Clover, Madison Swan, Mia, Melissa Ann Fountain, and Melissa Ann Murray. Mia Malkova’s real name appears to be Mellisa Ann Henver but all her social media handles use the name Mia Malkova. There is so much to know about her considering that it is quite special to have acquired so many names and this helps her in having various identities as per her liking. It also makes her a lot more mysterious and people keep trying to learn as much as possible about her different names and background details. The success that she has seen in such a short period is what most dreams are made up of and it can be safely concluded that there is a lot more in store as far as Mia Malkova is concerned. 

Family Background

It is said that Mia is of mixed ethnicity and she has German, Irish, French, and Canadian blood in herself. Her biological father expired when she was a small child of 3 years only and it is one of the sad truths of her life. Her mother remarried and so Mia Malkova’s stepdad basically brought her up till she reached the age of 14 years. There is little information pointing out that her biological father was around 22 years older than her biological mother. As far as siblings are concerned, it is known that she has three brothers with whom she is quite close as a person. So, her childhood can be called a happy one in which she gave the impression of being an innocent girl. 

However, her siblings were in for a surprise when they first got a glimpse of what kind of subjects she found to be interesting as they caught her watching adult films when she was not even a teenager. They thought her hobbies were reading novels and playing video games like any other child, but she showed a keen interest in adult movies from her early years. This came as a big shock to most people who only knew her as a shy and sweet little kid who is generally interested in watching content related to their age group only. Later on, this keen development of her interest became the solid foundation path to her successful career, and she grew up to become a force to reckon with especially in the adult entertainment sector with such huge levels of success that was unheard of earlier in this segment. Simultaneously, she also motivated one of her brothers to make a name for himself in the same industry. 

Sibling Bonding 

It came as not much of a surprise when Mia Malkova’s brother Justin Hunt also decided to join the adult film industry as an actor. He had homegrown motivation and his sister Mia Malkova helped him in his journey during his early days in this industry. Now, her followers usually search for videos where the brother-sister duo have acted together since they know that they will not be disappointed in content featuring Mia Malkova’s stepbrother. However, he has still not reached the popularity levels of his sister, but it is a well-known fact that he has a lot of working years left in him. 

Personal Statistics

Mia is believed to follow the religion of Christianity, but it was also divulged that she is an atheist by choice. As regards her facial features, she has blonde colored hair and eyes hazel brown shade, which makes her an attractive lady. As per official records, her height is around 170 cm, but that can be debated. Let us say that her height ranges between 5ft 5 and 5ft 7. Her body weight is around 55 Kg and a few years ago, it was revealed that she went through a chest augmentation procedure as well. It is known for sure that her birthplace is Palm Springs in California and her zodiac sign is Cancer as per the Western astrological calendar. 

She has always been known to be an avid reader and her love for books continues till date. It was revealed that her favorite book is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and her year of birth is 1992. That makes her around 32 years of age in the year 2024 when this article is being written. We have also established that the bonding between Mia and Natasha Malkova was established during her school days which was as early as them being together in the second grade of her elementary school. However, there is not much known about her biological parents in any official records. Her current residence is in the city of Portland Oregon, and her star symbol is that of a crab since she is a Cancerian by birth.

Professional Stint

Mia Malkova’s career started in the fast food industry when she was only 16 years of age. She got employed at the world-famous joint known as McDonald’s and became financially independent. Additionally, she also joined the Sizzler chain of restaurants as an employee where she worked quite hard to earn money as a waitress. Later on in the year 2012, her school friend Natasha motivated her to join the adult entertainment industry wherein her first assignment was with the Twistys studio. 

They gave her the honorable title of being their treat of the month in December, but this was a contractual job only with the parent company of the Twistys studio called Aylo. She became so popular that the next year which was 2013, she was labelled as their treat of the year. Industry experts started recognizing her talent and they knew that she was a star in the making. She started getting offers from other companies and kept on working in the adult industry. 

One Success after another

After her Aylo contract expired in 2014, she went on to get signed by another respectable company known as Hard X who exclusively signed her to perform scenes with men. She continued building superb connections with other experienced actors including her brother and ex-husband which helped her to grow a strong network in the adult entertainment industry. There was no dearth of support from her family members as well, and her mother was seen accompanying her to the shooting sessions as well. 

Her ability to always make the right connections and surround herself with influential names in her industry was one of the major reasons that she became a successful actor in a very short period. As per industry records, she has acted in around 170 features to date which is a huge figure especially since the competition level is quite high in this industry. There are only a handful of names of people who have seen the kind of success that Mia Malkova has seen within a few years of her acting career. 

A few of the famous companies that Mia has been associated with are Naughty America, Digital Playground, Brazzers, New Sensations, Mile High, Lethal Hardcore, Girlfriends Films, Combat Zone, Adam and Eve, FM Concepts, Jules Jordan Video, Matrixx Models. In the year 2016, she earned the famous title of becoming the Penthouse Pet of the Month as well which was a huge step in her ladder of success.

Foraying into Bollywood

She took the world by storm when she became the lead actress in the documentary film called God, Sex and the Truth which was made by the celebrated Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. This was a huge feat as very few actresses could now come closer to the fact that Mia Malkova’s Bollywood career had also begun. This film was almost a philosophical treat to her millions of fans worldwide who were in complete awe of her. The film portrayed the story of women’s strength and beauty and gave Mia Malkova the recognition she completely deserved. 

Her next venture with Ram Gopal Varma was titled Climax which was a Bollywood thriller movie that went on to become very successful as a commercial venture despite not receiving rave reviews from the circle of film critics worldwide. People started looking forward to more such ventures between Ram Gopal Varma and Mia Malkova because this kind of collaboration is quite unheard of wherein a renowned Bollywood filmmaker partners up with an actress belonging to the American adult film industry. So, people started expecting that this would make way for more creative joint ventures from across the globe. 

Awards and Accolades

There has been a huge lineup of Mia Malkova awards in addition to having over 170 acting roles to her credit. To name a few, she started with the Twistys Treat of the Month award and then went on to collect the Treat of the Year award from them. She also got awarded the Best New Starlet award from AVN company and the Best Actress award from XBIZ. The fact that she is the only adult film actress to have a documentary and an Indian movie to her name also speaks volumes about her popularity throughout the world. She can truly say that she has explored the career of acting in all forms and reached greater peaks on a day-to-day level. Not to forget the fact that she was also awarded the Pet of the Month award by the prestigious label Penthouse. 

Musical Ventures

In addition to her acting stint, there are Mia Malkova music videos also available as she has musical talent as well. It was first noticed when she released a duet singing the Whole New World song with another artist in the year 2019 called Trump Sc. She was one of the actresses to be featured in the music video called Still Be Friends which was released in the year 2020. She proved her worth as a hostess too when she successfully co-hosted an award night for the company AVN in the year 2022. Very few people are aware of her dancing skills as well as she has shown her dance moves in many films and television series which has established her as a well-known professional dancer in the entertainment industry. There is no doubt about the fact that she excels in whatever project she undertakes as she does everything with complete dedication and full focus. 

Social Media Journey

Mia Malkova’s Instagram account is always flooded with millions of people, and she has gained the reputation of being one of the most loved social media celebrities. She has a huge presence on YouTube as well wherein she posts entertaining vlogs, which also garners a lot of eyeballs every time. In addition to her film career, it is no secret that she makes extra money via vlogging on YouTube and keeping her fans entertained. She received another breakthrough in her professional career when she decided to dedicate her skills to becoming a streamer on a popular gaming site known as Twitch. Later on, when she opened the Mia Malkova Onlyfans account, her popularity gained even more crazy numbers. She has more than 6 Lakh followers on Twitch and the numbers on her other social media handles keep on growing too. 

For instance, she has more than 2 million followers on Mia Malkova’s Twitter account and around 11 million followers on the handle of Instagram Mia Malkova. On the account of  Youtube Mia Malkova, there are more than 2 Lakh subscribers and the number of views on her videos has been over 7 million and counting. It is estimated that Mia Malkova’s net worth is around USD 800000 approximately but nobody knows for sure how much is her actual net worth as of now. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that her main source of income remains the adult entertainment industry but the contribution of her Youtube, Twitch, and Onlyfans accounts are also significant. This is the reason that she continues to produce more and more content for all her social media handles so that she gains more and more followers worldwide and keeps getting on the top of the celebrity ladder. 

Married Life

Mia Malkova’s marriage happened in the year 2014 when Mia Malkova’s ex husband Danny Mountain tied the knot with her. Danny was born as Daniel Lewis Mountain and is British by birth. He was only 20 years of age when he started working as an actor in the adult film industry and Mia was his second wife. His earlier marriage to Eva Angelina lasted for only 2 years, but they had a child through that marriage. The marriage between Mia Malkova’s first husband Danny and herself lasted from the year 2014 to the year of 2018 when they got their marriage annulled. There is no known child from this marriage and Mia remains without a child to date. One of the interesting facts regarding Danny is that he was working as a professional carpenter before entering the world of the adult film industry in the year 2004. He has a height of more than 6 ft which has helped him in the acting industry and he continues to build a name for himself in this sector. 

Current Relationship Status

It is a well-known fact that Eli Tucker and Mia Malkova are currently in a committed relationship. Eli is a producer by profession and their relationship became official when there was news about Mia Malkova’s Blackberry castle. It came to light that the exquisite mansion named the Blackberry Castle which is located in Portland had been bought by Mia and her boyfriend Eli Tucker along with a third investor whose name remains unknown. It is a very famous landmark of Portland considering each room has been designed beautifully inside the castle and the furnishings include such grand features that it is no less than any film studio by itself. The fans of Mia were in for a treat when she shared a detailed video of this fantastic property on her YouTube channel after being proud owners of this mansion which is built across six acres of land. 


Mia has reached phenomenal heights and continues to conquer more accolades daily through her various professional ventures. She prefers working from home but that does not mean that there is any reduction in her popularity. It can be said with complete confidence that there is a lot more left to be seen and Mia’s fans should expect more amazing content from her side in the foreseeable future. She has proved herself already to be a highly talented actress along with being a celebrated social media personality.

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