Meet JoJo Offerman! She’s a wrestler and TV star. She was born on March 10, 1994. Her dad, Jose Offerman, was a famous baseball player. JoJo became famous when she joined the TV show Total Divas in 2013. She’s not just a wrestler; she also announces fights in WWE. She used to date Bray Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Rotunda. Sadly, he passed away in August 2023. In this article, we are going to learn more about her and her varied interests and passions. Let us now begin without further ado to learn more about JoJo Offerman and Bray Watt.

Early Life of JoJo Offerman

Joseann Alexie Offerman, a native of Los Angeles, was born on March 10, 1994. How old is JoJo Offerman? She is 29. She comes from a lineage rooted in sports, with her father, José Offerman, being a renowned baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Additionally, she proudly embraces her Mexican heritage. JoJo Offerman’s parents were always interested in sports.

Beginnings of a Career

In May 2013, Offerman embarked on her WWE journey, joining the reality show Total Divas, which airs on the E! Network, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of select WWE Divas. At the young age of 19, Offerman debuted on the main roster of WWE, using the ring name “JoJo,” on the June 26, 2013, episode of WWE Main Event. 

She showcased her vocal talents by singing the entrance theme for Tons of Funk alongside The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi), and her rendition was later released on iTunes. The following week, she made an appearance on Raw in a backstage segment featuring several WWE personalities. On the July 22 episode of Raw, JoJo and her fellow Total Divas cast members graced Miz TV, where she introduced herself to the audience. Additionally, JoJo had the honor of singing the United States national anthem at SummerSlam on August 18.

An Array of Impressive Wins 

On 26th August, in the episode of Raw, JoJo got a special role as guest ring announcer for a singles match between Brie Bella and Natalya. Following the match, WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee made a surprise appearance, delivering a memorable promo targeting the cast of Total Divas. JoJo later showed her support for her Total Divas colleagues from ringside during their matches. On October 7, JoJo participated in her first Raw match, teaming up with Natalya and Eva Marie to secure a victory in a six-diva tag-team match. Although she wasn’t tagged into the match, her team emerged triumphant. At the Survivor Series pay-per-view event, the Total Divas triumphed over their rivals, The True Divas, in an elimination tag-team match. The next night on Raw, WWE JoJo Offerman clinched her first in-ring victory by pinning and eliminating Tamina Snuka.

JoJo transitioned to WWE’s developmental brand NXT in late 2013, following confirmation that she would not return for the second season of Total Divas. In NXT, she assumed the role of ring announcer. By April 2015, JoJo was promoted to the main roster, where she became the regular ring announcer for Main Event, SmackDown, Raw, and pay-per-view events, as well as a backstage interviewer. She continued in this capacity until 2018, serving as the ring announcer for the RAW brand. Despite her departure from WWE in early 2021, JoJo remained under contract with the company until her departure.

Romance with Bray Watt

Bray Wyatt, born Windham Lawrence Rotunda, hailed from a lineage of wrestlers and graced the WWE ring from 2008 to 2012, assuming various personas. Throughout his WWE tenure, Wyatt clinched three World Championships, including once for the WWE Championship and twice for the Universal Championship. Additionally, he held the Smackdown and Raw tag team championships. Taylor Rotunda, Bray Wyatt’s younger brother, competes as Bo Dallas in professional wrestling. 

Samantha Rotunda, the former spouse of Bray Wyatt, shared a romantic bond with him since her college days. They tied the knot in 2012 and welcomed two children into the world: Kendyl, born in 2013, and Nicholas, born in 2015. Despite their union, they parted ways in 2017. That is, until the day Bray Watt and JoJo Offerman met.

Marriage and a Temporary Fairytale

JoJo and Bray Wyatt started living together in 2017. JoJo gained recognition as a professional wrestler for her Total Divas appearance. She also worked as a ring announcer for WWE and RAW. Their two children, Knash Sixx and Hyrie Von, were born on May 18 and 28, 2020, respectively. Rotunda proposed to Offerman on April 28, 2022, and they married in the same year. Tragically, Rotunda passed away from a heart attack on August 24, 2023.

Bray Wyatt has two siblings: his sister, Mika Rotunda, and his brother, Bo Dallas, both of whom are wrestlers. Alongside his parents and siblings, Bray shared a family with his ex-wife, Samantha Rotunda, and his current live-in partner, JoJo Offerman. JoJo Offerman, also known as Joseann JoJo Offerman, gained recognition as a WWE ring announcer for her appearance on Total Divas. She was also romantically involved with Randy Orton Jojo Offerman in the WWE.

Tragic Death and Coping Up

The professional wrestling community has been reeling since the unexpected passing of Bray Wyatt in August 2023. JoJo Offerman, who had been dating Wyatt since 2017, recently shared an emotional message after visiting the city where they were supposed to get married. The couple, who had two children together, became engaged in 2022. Offerman revealed they planned to tie the knot on December 6, 2023. 

JoJo Offerman and her children recently took a trip to the city where her wedding ceremony with Bray Wyatt was supposed to take place. The former WWE ring announcer shared the heartbreaking revelation about her marriage on Instagram during their visit. It appears that JoJo loved her husband a lot. Well, now that is just natural. The couple did appear to be happy in their photos and all. She also spoke highly of him in many JoJo Offerman interviews.

About JoJo Offerman’s Late Husband

According to JoJo, Bray was one of the kindest and most entertaining men in the world for her. JoJo Offerman mentioned that Wyatt made everyone feel special, which had been one of the million things she loved about him. She shared that their bond had been magical, something only the two of them understood, and that it had brought two perfect babies into the world. 

The former WWE ring announcer, WWE JoJo Offerman, and Bray Wyatt had been dating since 2017. Wyatt, one of the biggest professional wrestling stars of the past decade, had enticed audiences with storylines that blurred the lines between the real and surreal, first as head of the Wyatt Family stable and later as a phenomenal beast known as The Fiend.

Personal Details of JoJo Offerman

JoJo Offerman, standing at a height of 5 feet 2 inches and weighing 50 kg, boasts a remarkable career trajectory since her birth on March 10, 1994. At 29 years old, her achievements have earned her widespread recognition and a significant net worth. According to various reputable sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDb, Offerman’s net worth reached an impressive $61 million by the age of 25. 

Her wealth primarily stems from her successful career as a professional wrestler, where she has made significant strides. Hailing from California, Offerman’s roots trace back to Mexican ancestry, contributing to her unique cultural background. Born Joseann Alexie Offerman in Los Angeles, she proudly holds American nationality while cherishing her Mexican heritage. Jojo Offerman’s ethnicity is Mexican.

JoJo Offerman’s Contract with the WWE

Following the renewal of her contract with WWE, JoJo Offerman experienced a significant surge in her salary. Securing a new deal with WWE in 2015, Offerman’s role as a ring announcer for main events, Smackdown, and Raw continued to flourish. As a full-time WWE ring announcer, Jojo now commands an impressive annual salary of $100,000. Additionally, WWE performers like Offerman have the opportunity to earn extra income when their photos grace the WWE photo calendar. 

Married to Bray Wyatt, a prominent professional wrestler, Offerman has solidified her position as WWE’s highest-paid female ring announcer in 2020. While WWE remains discreet about the specifics of wrestler contracts, recent years have seen various sources unveil insights into the yearly earnings and bonuses of WWE performers. She is one of the most successful female wrestlers around.

Some Details About Watt’s Death

Heartbreaking details surrounding the passing of WWE star Windham Rotunda, popularly known as Bray Wyatt, have recently surfaced. Bray tragically succumbed to a heart attack just last week. Initially debuting under the moniker Husky Harris, he first graced WWE’s main roster in 2010. Although he departed briefly, he returned in 2013 as the formidable leader of The Wyatt Family. Recent revelations shed light on the circumstances leading to Bray’s untimely demise. 

As per the law enforcement records obtained by TMZ, Bray’s former as well as fiancee WWE ring announcer, JoJo Offerman, made a distressing discovery. Upon realizing that Bray’s alarm had been incessantly sounding for an hour without interruption, Offerman rushed to check on him. The report further disclosed that Bray was discovered unresponsive in bed, his skin exhibiting a bluish hue, a stark indication of his dire condition.

What Do Speculations Say?

Bray’s passing occurred just several months after his battle with COVID-19, which had resulted in severe heart complications. Physicians had advised him to carry a defibrillator at all times, a precautionary measure tragically overlooked. On the morning of his demise, Bray had consulted his doctors, who reiterated the necessity of using the external heart defibrillator. Regrettably, the device was later discovered inside his vehicle in the driveway, further underscoring the unfortunate turn of events. 

The news of Bray’s untimely passing was initially conveyed by Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, WWE’s head of creative, who shared the somber update on social media. “Just received a call from WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda who informed us of the tragic news that our WWE family member for life, Windham Rotunda – also known as Bray Wyatt – unexpectedly passed earlier today,” Triple H expressed, urging everyone to respect the family’s privacy during this difficult period. All in all, it was a very sudden and strange affair.

A Rare Update from JoJo Offerman 

Less than three months following the tragic passing of Bray Wyatt, former WWE superstar JoJo Offerman provided a rare glimpse into her personal life. The beloved wrestler, known as the Eater of Worlds, succumbed to a cardiac arrest on August 24, 2023, while peacefully asleep at his Florida residence. He left behind a grieving family, including his parents, siblings, Offerman, their two children, and two older kids from his previous marriage.

Taking to her JoJo Offerman Instagram account, the former WWE in-ring announcer shared a heartwarming image featuring her two kids, Knash Sixx and Hyrie Von, alongside Wyatt. The snapshot captured a recent family outing to the beach, where the children delighted in red corndogs, offering a tender moment of solace amidst the ongoing grief.

WWE is Helping JoJo Offerman

During a challenging period in their lives, WWE extended unwavering support to JoJo Offerman and the entire Rotunda family. All proceeds generated from merchandise sales associated with Bray Wyatt were directed towards his loved ones, offering financial relief and solidarity during their time of mourning. It was their duty as an organization that had once employed both JoJo and Bray. 

Nearly three weeks following Bray Wyatt’s sudden passing, JoJo Offerman emerged from her silence to deliver a heartfelt statement. Reflecting on her deep affection for her fiancé, she expressed admiration for his kindness, humor, and the unique bond they shared. Concluding her message with a poignant promise, Offerman’s words encapsulated the enduring love and cherished memories they shared. It was one of the best gestures following the tragic demise. So far all proceeds from sales of merchandise are going to the Offerman family. We offer our full sympathies to the family and wish they recover soon enough.

Samantha Irvin Visits the Grieving Family

In the comments section of the post, the WWE ring announcer conveyed a heartfelt message to JoJo, further affirming their strong connection. Samantha Irvin shares a close bond with JoJo Offerman and recently spent time together, as evidenced by a heartwarming video of the pair singing and a wholesome photo of JoJo with her children. Samantha Irvin, a beloved figure in the WWE, is highly esteemed as one of the finest ring announcers in contemporary wrestling. A well-known WWE personality recently paid a visit to JoJo Offerman and her children. Heartfelt tributes are still pouring in.

After the tragic passing of Bray Wyatt a few weeks ago, the wrestling community remains in mourning for the cherished WWE Superstar. Responding to a tribute from Wyatt’s partner, JoJo Offerman, several AEW stars have shared their condolences. Offerman, engaged to Wyatt, recently broke her silence on his untimely death, posting poignant photos of Bray with his family on her Instagram account. Her heartfelt tribute emphasized Wyatt’s kindness, love for his family, and enduring legacy in the hearts of those who knew him. It appears everywhere the fans are very saddened by this loss. Of course, it is understandable.

Other Stars are Also Paying Tribute

After JoJo Offerman posted her heartfelt tribute to Bray Wyatt on Instagram, several AEW stars, including Renee Paquette, Saraya, Athena, and Amanda Huber, responded with touching messages. Paquette, currently working as a backstage correspondent with AEW, commented, “Love you, JoJo,” showing her support. Saraya, formerly known as Paige, shared her love with a comment saying, “Love you sister.” Amanda Huber, the widow of the late Brodie Lee, expressed her sympathy, writing, “Sending you so much love and support.” Athena, the reigning ROH Women’s World Champion, also joined in, commenting, “Love you, Josie,” to show her solidarity with JoJo during this difficult time. 

Matt Hardy, former tag team partner of Bray Wyatt, shared his emotional journey attending Wyatt’s funeral in a recent episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. The AEW star described the funeral as a difficult, sorrowful, and surreal experience following Wyatt’s unexpected passing. Hardy opened up about the mix of emotions he felt as he bid farewell to his friend and colleague, reflecting on the impact Wyatt had on his life and the wrestling community. Despite the sadness of the occasion, Hardy expressed gratitude for the opportunity to pay his respects and honor the memory of Bray Wyatt.

JoJo Offerman’s Siblings

Later, we’ll delve into JoJo’s older sister’s surprising athleticism, but the Offerman family isn’t just about them. The name of JoJo Offerman 2023’s younger sister is Jaelynn, who’s still in her late teens and seems to be adored by her big sister. Alongside her two sisters, JoJo has two brothers, David and Anthony. 

Just like her bond with her younger sister, JoJo shows love to her brothers on social media. Her Instagram is brimming with affectionate messages to them, with one post highlighting David as the best father she knows, praising him as a father figure in her life. David, a married man, has three kids, while Anthony receives heaps of love and gratitude from JoJo online as well.

JoJo Offerman Elder Sister is also an Athlete

It seems the athletic genes run strong in JoJo’s family, extending to her older sister Valerie Barrera. While Valerie may not be a pro athlete, her Instagram shows she’s got the looks and athletic skills to rival JoJo. Completing an 11-mile run is an impressive feat, whether you’re a pro or not. How many of you think you could finish a race like that if you had to do it tomorrow? Valerie is one of the most stunning athletes in the family and there are many examples like that.

An Attorney Leaked The Relationship

This is as official as it gets. It wasn’t some gossip tabloid or nosy blogger who first said JoJo was involved in Samantha Rotunda and Bray Wyatt’s divorce. Neither Samantha nor Bray seemed to want to say JoJo was the one Bray cheated with, but Samantha’s lawyer did. We’re not sure why the lawyer or Samantha would want to say JoJo was wrestling’s new other woman, but according to the Daily Mail, it was the lawyer who told the news. Now, the big question is how this news and Samantha’s lawyer’s claim will affect JoJo’s WWE career, and if anything will happen to Wyatt in WWE.

JoJo Offerman is also a Singer

While most female wrestlers are admired for their beauty and athleticism in the ring, JoJo stands out with a unique talent – her incredible singing voice. Despite never having formal training, she has been honing her singing skills since a young age, and her voice is as beautiful as any heard in the WWE. In recent times, her singing prowess has overshadowed her wrestling career, and it’s not hard to understand why Bray Wyatt allegedly fell for her after hearing her voice.

JoJo Offerman is a Scaredy Cat

During a Halloween-themed photo shoot with WWE, the 23-year-old ring announcer expressed her love for Halloween, with one little caveat – she gets easily scared during the holiday. It might seem surprising considering the daring moves wrestlers perform in the ring, but JoJo admitted to her fear nonetheless. While her career with WWE has leaned more towards ring announcing, she did wrestle for a period, starting on Total Divas. Despite any fears, JoJo never passes up on dressing up for Halloween, ensuring fans enjoy the festivities.


In conclusion, JoJo Offerman’s journey in the world of professional wrestling has been multifaceted and fascinating. From her beginnings as a wrestler to her transition into a prominent ring announcer, she has showcased her talents and versatility in various roles within WWE. Despite facing challenges and personal tragedies, such as the loss of her partner Bray Wyatt, JoJo remains resilient and continues to leave a lasting impact on both fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Her dedication, passion, and unique abilities, including her singing talent, set her apart and make her a beloved figure in the wrestling community.

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