Liv Morgan has become a popular figure on the internet for a very specific reason. According to the reports, Liv is a renowned American wrestler who has been extremely active in the wrestling world for nearly a decade now. She hasn’t worked in any other wrestling promotion besides WWE. 

She has been a part of the WWE arena for a long time. One should also note that she has seen the development territory of the NXT. As a former WWE Smackdown women’s champion, Liv Morgan has earned a huge name. One should also note that she is a two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

However, all hasn’t been great for Liv. From suffering various injuries in her career to getting arrested for a felony, there are a lot of aspects that have only spiced up Liv’s life. Fans went wild after seeing Liv Morgan’s mugshot on the internet. As a result, there are a lot of people who follow Liv’s life. 

If you are someone who wants to know about Liv Morgan’s news or facts about her life, you are at the right place. Here we will share some riveting facts about this awesome US wrestling star.

Not only will we will divulge details such as her personal life, but we shall also delve into her career details, family, height, weight, and other details. Additionally, we will explore Liv Morgan’s arrest facts. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out all you need to know about Liv’s life. 

Who Is Liv Morgan? 

Liv, whom a lot of people refer to as WWE Liv Morgan, is renowned as a professional American wrestler and actress. So, a lot of people may know that Liv’s name is her ring name.

Morgan Liv has been a part of the WWE for a long time, boasting plenty of titles, such as former one-time SmackDown Women’s Champion. At the same time, she has won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship not once but twice in her career with Raquel Rodriguez.  

As a result, Liv Morgan’s IG got a lot of followers. She also boasts a solid number of followers on Twitter. There’s no denying the fact that Liv is a popular personality in America due to her wrestling prowess. Outside the wrestling field, she is a social media influencer who loves to entertain her fans.

Nevertheless, she focuses on her career as a wrestler more. That’s the reason why Liv Morgan’s Instagram or Twitter profile is full of pictures of her exercising. She loves to hit the gym and keep her body in the correct shape. 

However, a lot of people might know that everything’s not gold for Liv in her life. We have already heard about Liv Morgan’s injury and felony cases. These aspects considerably ruined her image in the media. Nevertheless, she has come out of those allegations, as well as has become fitter than before.

She has beaten the allegations numerous times in her career. At the same time, she made comebacks from injuries. For example, she suffered a shoulder injury due to which she had to be out of action for a long time. The news of Liv Morgan’s injury news made rounds on social media. However, she returned grandly.

Liv Morgan’s Bio: Her Age, Childhood, Education

According to the reports, Liv, the famous American wrestler and actress, has earned a huge reputation. She is commonly known as Gionna Daddio, which is her real name. However, it is as Liv that she lit up the wrestling arena. So, let’s take a look at Liv Morgan’s birthday.

Several reports suggest that Liv Morgan’s age is 29 years, considering she was born in the year 1994, on the 8th of June, in Paramus, New Jersey, USA. She spent the majority of her childhood in New Jersey. T 

There’s no doubt that she had a lovely time with her family there. Although she didn’t have an interest in wrestling during her childhood, she developed it over time. One should also note that Liv’s zodiac sign is Gemini. Based on Liv Morgan’s Wiki, she is a Christian woman. 

Whether you have become a fan of Liv Morgan 2023 or this year, there’s no doubt you may have felt the urge to know more about her. So, let’s take a look at the facts about her education.

According to the reports, she went to Henry P Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Several fans may like to know that she was a bright student in her class. However, it’s not known what she did after her school.

Liv Morgan’s Family and Siblings 

A lot of people who follow Liv Morgan’s Twitter and other social media platforms may know that she doesn’t post a lot of pictures when it comes to clone ones. Although she has attained incredible fame, she likes to keep some aspects hidden from the media. So, there are a lot of people who want to know about Liv’s parents.

Before we talk about sensitive aspects, such as Liv Morgan’s mug shots and other details, it’s important to know about her family. According to the reports, Liv is from Paramus, New Jersey. Her parents raised her in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.

So, one should note that she has five other siblings apart from her. However, those who want to know about her parents may be disappointed because Liv hasn’t shared any facts about them on the internet. In other words, we don’t know the actual names of her parents. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have interesting facts.

For example, she has four elder brothers and a sister. At the same time, it’s quite disheartening that her father passed away at an early age. As such, a great deal of responsibility fell on Liv’s mother following Liv’s father’s death. You must know that she was all alone to raise six kids. 

However, she pushed away all the negativity and only invited positive aspects. Interestingly, she ignored the negative comments, didn’t give up on her responsibility, and raised six kids. Liv has always had a close bond with her siblings. She practiced wrestling with them in their background. Moreover, she once mentioned in an interview how much of a fan she is of Lita. So, overall, we can see that Liv’s childhood was a mixed-bag one.

How Does Liv Morgan Look? Height, Weight, And More? 

There’s no doubt that Liv’s fans love to talk about how pretty and powerful the wrestler is. Although she is a professional wrestler at the WWE, Liv has surely attracted fans. Her toned physique and beauty enchant her fans.

As a result, fans have been asking about Liv Morgan’s height and weight. According to the reports, Liv stands tall at a height of around 5 ft 3 inches. She has made it clear occasionally how passionate she is about wrestling. So, we can say that she is around 160 cm tall.

When it comes to her weight, Liv Morgan’s weight is around 125 lbs or 57 kilograms. There’s no denying the fact that she loves to hit the gym now and then, making her a woman with a flexible body.

Also, one should note that she has a well-proportioned figure with measurements of 29-24-33 inches. Additionally, we can tell you that her bra size is 34A. She also wears 8-size (US) shoes. Liv Morgan’s bikini pictures on social media certainly help us understand her figure better.

What Is The Real Name of Liv Morgan? 

As we already mentioned earlier, Liv Morgan’s real name is Gionna Jene Daddio. She has earned popularity as a pro wrestler from the USA. However, she is more popular as Liv in the wrestling arena than in her real life. A lot of fans remember how she marked her presence in the ring with sheer force. So, her fans chiefly remember Liv more than Gionna.

Liv Morgan Relationships

Is Love Morgan married? This is the question that a lot of fans of Liv ask on social media. There’s no doubt that she is a celebrity figure, due to which she gets these types of questions.

So, if you want to know about Liv’s personal life, you need to follow this article. We will share some awesome facts about her romantic life.

To know about Liv Morgan’s dating life, there are a few things you should know. While she is a bit vocal about her personal life, she likes to hide plenty of aspects from her fans. Nevertheless, some aspects have surfaced on the internet.

For example, we do know about Liv Morgan’s husband. According to the reports, Liv’s husband is Jale Anderson, her fellow partner in WWE. The couple got engaged in 2020 and tied the knot well in the latter part of the same year. 

So, we can pretty much refute all the rumors surrounding her being single. For those of you asking, “Is Liv Morgan single?” well, let us tell you that she is currently not single because she is married to her husband, Jake Anderson.

Was Live Morgan In Love With Bo Dallas? 

While Liv is in a marital relationship with Anderson, there are a lot of fans who want to know about her connection with Bo Dallas. So, was Liv Bo Dallas’s relationship real? First of all, it’s worth noting that Bo Dallas was her fellow wrestler. So, several reports suggested the two were living together on a farm. However, neither of them confirmed the rumors nor refuted them.

So, was Bo Dallas famous as Liv Morgan’s boyfriend? Unfortunately, there’s no way to know this. As of 2024, they aren’t married. One should note that their relationship has become an interesting topic of discussion for fans. However, it’s worth noting that they have both maintained a discreet stance on this matter for good reason. 

In other words, we don’t know whether Bo Dallas was Liv Morgan’s ex. So, the couple’s decision to keep their relationship under wraps has only fueled curiosity and speculation. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that fans have become aware of their spaces and felt that there’s no need to explore this any further. In the end, both Bo and Liv just like each other’s company.

Is Liv Morgan Pregnant?

According to Liv Morgan Reddit, there were rumors surrounding the US wrestler’s pregnancy. As a result, a lot of fans search for the truth about the news on social media. Undoubtedly, it was a huge thing for Liv’s fans. 

However, according to the Liv Morgan leak news, there’s no truth to her pregnancy rumors. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion was linked to MJF in the past. One should note that the AEW Champ referenced LIV during a promo on dynamic, which has certainly caused a stir in the wrestling arena. However, Liv is not pregnant, and this much is confirmed.

Live Morgan’s Injury News

There are a lot of fans who follow Liv might know about her injury. According to the reports, the WWE superstar had suffered from a shoulder injury. While some felt it was a Liv Morgan feet injury, later it was confirmed that the injury was on her shoulder. So, you may like to know that it happened during an attack by Rhea Ripley on Monday Night RAW. 

Undoubtedly, fans were shocked by the Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan news. Well, the extent of her injury was unclear, but it was revealed that she would return to the TV after some time. As such, fans poured in messages for Liv and wished her all the luck. Thankfully, Liv is doing well and her injury has certainly healed a lot. 

Liv Morgan’s Felony Charges 

Liv has several fans who want to know about the charges for which she was arrested. As we know, the news of Liv Morgan’s arrest in Florida on Marijuana possession made headlines. Since the WWE star from the USA is quite popular, fans wanted to know what exactly happened.

So, you may like to know that Liv, whose real name is Gionna Daddio, was arrested in Sumter County. However, the police also charged her with the possession of marijuana, and that too not more than 20 games. Following that, the news of Liv Morgan’s jail surfaced on the internet. However, it should be noted that the officials have dropped the charges. 

Does Liv Morgan Have Onlyfans? 

Many ardent fans of Liv want to know whether she has an Onlyfans account. If you search explicit images of Liv on the internet, you will find a lot of Liv Morgan deepfake videos. This has led people to wonder whether she has an Onlyfans. 

However, fans should know that she is a US wrestling personality. In other words, she fully focuses on the ring. She doesn’t have an adult account on Onlyfans. Liv Morgans’s Onlyfans account doesn’t exist because she doesn’t endorse such things.

On the contrary, she has a thriving career in WWE, where she won many accolades and championships. According to the reports, she also found considerable success on the social media platform. This is perhaps another reason why people feel Liv has an Onlyfans account. 

Liv Morgan Acting Career 

Besides being famous in the WWE arena, Liv has also made a name for herself in the acting field. Although it’s not her primary career, it has nonetheless allowed her to gain even more fame. So, a lot of fans of Liv might want to know about the Liv Morgan movie, in which she appeared. According to the reports, the US champ starred in The Kill Room as Emma. 

Besides that, Liv Morgan hasn’t appeared in any films. However, we can tell you that she has been featured in several TV programs. For example, she starred in the Total Divas in 2015 and 2019. At the same time, she appeared in shows such as Chucky, Attack of the Show, Jersey Shore, Celebrity Family Feud, and many other shows. There’s no denying the fact that people look for Liv Morgan’s GIF to find out more about her movies and TV shows. 

Liv Morgan’s WWE Career 

Liv Morgan has made a huge name for herself in the wrestling arena, as we mentioned earlier. According to the reports, she is a team member of the Riott Squad in WWE. As per the reports, she was first dispersed at Joe DeFranco’s gym in Wyckoff, New Jersey. She signed a contract with WWE, where she was assigned to their developmental territory, NXT in the year 2014. 

So, Liv made her first TV appearance at NXT TakeOver on Feb. 11, 2015, where she played the role of a fan who jumped at Tyler Breeze during the retrace. Moreover, she also made a similar appearance at the NXT on May 20, once again as part of the Breeze’s entrance. 

If you watch Liv Morgan’s videos, you will know why she is so popular. So, reports tell us that in October 2015, she briefly worked under eh ring name, Marley, debuting on Nov. 4, where she worked as a jobber. Although she lost to Eva Marie, she made her return with a new name, this time, as Liv, on December 2, losing to Emma. 

One should also note that she competed for the NXT women’s championship in 2016. On Jan. 13, 2016, in the episode of NXT, Morgan competed in a battle royal to determine the number one contender to Bayley’s NYX women’s championship. However, Carmella eventually went on to win this championship. 

Among the many high points in Liv Morgan’s career, there’s one night we can’t forget and that’s Liv Morgan Alexa Bliss tag team. Besides that, we should note that she made her main roster debut alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The trio was famous as The Riott Squad. They launched attacks on Naomi and Becky Lynch at the SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Liv Morgan’s Net Worth 

There’s no doubt that Liv Morgan is an exciting personality in America. As a wrestler and actress, she has created a huge name for herself. At the same time, she is an entertainer who has appeared on multiple TV shows and in solitary films. So, that’s the reason why we can say that she owes a lot of money. 

According to the reports, Liv has a net worth of around 3 million USD as of 2024. However, the exact figure can be way higher than this. Since she hasn’t exactly mentioned how much she makes a year or what’s her total income, we can’t be sure. Nonetheless, there’s no denying the fact that she is one of the richest WWE figures. 

Besides being a WWE star, she is also a social media influencer who earns money through brand endorsements. People also call her Liv Morgan Barbie because of how beautiful she looks.

Liv Morgan FAQs 

How Old Is Liv Morgan? 

Since Liv Morgan was born in the year 1994, on June 8, we can say that she is currently 29 years old. In other words, her zodiac sign, based on her birth month is Gemini. 

Where does Morgan Freeman live? 

Morgan Freeman, the US actor, lives in Mississippi. However, Liv Morgan, the wrestling personality from the USA, lives in Paramus, New Jersey.

Who is Liv Morgan married to? 

Liv Morgan tied the knot to Jake Anderson. Jake is currently Liv’s husband. However, rumors are going on about her being in a relationship with Bo Dallas. Yet, there’s no way to know the truth about this news. 

Where does Lorrie Morgan live now? 

Lorrie Morgan, the famous personality from the USA, lives in Nashville, as several sources suggest.

Why was Liv Morgan arrested? 

According to the reports, Liv Morgan was found in possession of marijuana, over 20 grams of it. So, that’s the reason behind her arrest. However, later on, it was realized that the charges were a fault. As a result, the police and the judge cleared her of the charges and let her go.

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