Chelsea Green is one of the most popular figures in the wrestling arena. As a Canadian professional wrestling superstar, she has made a huge name for herself. Moreover, a lot of people also know her as a model. So, there’s no denying the fact that Chelsea has a lot of fans who closely follow her work.

As per the reports, she hasn’t only made a solid fanbase through her work inside the ring, but also due to her social media presence. Some people have also found her delicate images or Chelsea Green leaked photos, due to which she has come under the limelight. However, that’s not the sole reason why Chelsea is popular.

So, a fan must know how Chelsea came under the radar following her WWE stint. The Canadian wrestling star made a name following her WWE. As such, so many fans also know as her Chelsea Green WWE. Moreover, if you follow Chelsea Green IG or Instagram account, then you will find plenty of pictures related to her wrestling career. Additionally, she’s also a social media star, as we revealed earlier.

This has led so many fans to question whether the Chelsea Green Onlyfans account exists. If you want to know such details, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some awesome facts about Chelsea’s life. For example, we will tell you about her personal, professional, and also other details such as her family and net worth. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out all you need to know about Chelsea.

Who is Chelsea Green? 

According to the reports, Chelsea Green is renowned as a Canadian wrestling superstar and a model. She gained immense fame during the time she worked for the professional wrestling promotion called Impact Wrestling. Moreover, one should also note that she joined WWE and competed in the promotion’s famous wrestling TV series, WWE Tough Enough, in 2015. Therefore, many fans know her WWE Chelsea Green.

Chelsea Green wrestling career has certainly been awesome, to say the least. So, various reports suggest she made a huge mark on her career after joining the WWE. However, before that, Chelsea was still famous. For example, if you follow Chelsea Green Twitter account, then you will see that she has a lot of fans who closely follow her updates. 

Besides WWE, Chelsea has also wrested for one of Canada’s biggest wrestling promotions called the Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling. Moreover, she also made her professional debut for the promotion in May 2014. 

Aside from being famous for wrestling, Chelsea is also immensely popular on social media. As we noted, she has an IG account under the username Chelseagreen, where she posts a lot of pictures. Her account has already gotten over 600k followers. Moreover, she also decided to open an Onlyfans account. That’s why we find so many posts surrounding Chelsea Green Only fans. 

Additionally, Chelsea Green leaks or intimate photos have gone viral on the internet. Undoubtedly, that’s one of the reasons why so many fans have become her followers. Since she doesn’t only have an established career in wrestling, but also modeling, quite naturally she has made tons of fans. These followers also follow her content regularly, thus they search for Chelsea Green Onlyfans’ leaked pictures. 

Chelsea Green Wiki: Age, Childhood, Zodiac, & More 

There’s no denying the fact that so many people want to know about Chelsea. As per the reports, Chelsea Green was born in the year 1991, on the 26th of November. In other words, we can say that Chelsea Green age as of 2024, is around 32 years. 

So, the 32-year-old WWE star was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In other words, we can say that she’s a Canadian citizen. So many of Chelsea’s fans from the Chelsea Green Reddit account have also asked how she spent her childhood. 

According to the reports, Chelsea went to a reputed school to pursue education. So, there’s no denying how much hard work she put into becoming what she is today. While wrestling was her passion, the desire to get popular drove her to open social media accounts. Right now, she also has an Onlyfans account, where fans search for the Chelsea Green Onlyfans leaks. 

Coming to Chelsea’s zodiac sign, we can pretty much guess that since her date of birth is 26th November, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Although the Canadian wrestling champion hasn’t shared a great deal of reports about her life, there’s no doubt that many sources have already revealed several aspects of her life. For example, she has also posed for many magazines, such as Playboy, for pictures. Chelsea Green Playboy pictures have also gone viral on the internet. 

Chelsea’s Family Members 

There are a lot of people who want to know about Sonder Chelsea Green’s family members. So, as we know, she has made a lot of ardent fans who just simply love to gather details about her personal life. Although she likes to be slightly mysterious, not revealing a lot of details about her life, there are a few sources that have provided us with enough facts. However, those facts do not include details about Chelsea’s family. 

In other words, we don’t have enough details about her family. Nevertheless, we do know for a fact that she is from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. As such, Chelsea was born in a Canadian household. She grew up watching professional wrestling. She is also a fan of WWE legend Kelly Kelly. 

Her parents are from Canada. While she hasn’t shared any details about her parents, we do know that Chelsea is from a Christian family. Besides her parents, she also has siblings, a sister, to be exact. However, no source has details about Chelsea Green’s sister. Even if you follow Chelsea Green’s Instagram profile, you won’t come across facts about her parents. That’s how she likes to keep a lid on her personal life. 

However, there are enough facts already available about her life, which makes her so popular. There’s no denying the fact that Chelsea has become popular through sheer hard work and resilience. At present, she’s having a great time with her husband. However, we will come to discuss Chelsea Green’s husband’s details soon in this article.

What is Chelsea Green Height & Weight? 

Fans who follow Chelsea Green do not only like her because of her performance as a WWE wrestler but for other reasons as well. As we know, Chelsea has also opened her Onlyfans account. This has led to several fans checking out Chelsea Green naked pictures and videos on the internet. Undoubtedly, fans have become mesmerizing seeing her alluring pictures.

Moreover, after watching Chelsea Green Onlyfans videos, they have become even more fans of this awesome personality. Those fans have also taken it to social media to ask questions such as, what is Chelsea Green’s height and weight?

Well, if you are looking for details such as how Chelsea looks and other facts, you are in the right place. There’s no denying the fact that Chelsea Green flash images and videos have wowed fans. 

According to the reports, the Canadian wrestling champion, Chelsea, stands tall at a height of around 5 ft 7 inches. At the same time, we can say that her weight is around 125. The 32-year-old NXT and WWE champion surely looks ravishing with a superb body shape. Moreover, we can say that she regularly maintains herself. 

As a person who loves to stay fit, she hits the gym regularly and eats healthy food. While she hasn’t shared her secret workout routine, we can pretty much see the outcome of it in her pictures. Notably, Chelsea Green publishing company’s posts have shared her hot and alluring pictures, where you can check out how beautiful she looks. 

Chelsea Green flashing her body features has certainly wowed her fans. That’s precisely one of the reasons why so many fans want to know more about her. Her ardent fans would know that she looks awesome with her blonde hair and strong body features. 

Chelsea Green’s Personal Life 

There are a lot of fans who want to know about Chelsea Green boyfriend or her personal life. Undoubtedly, this has become a hot topic of discussion among her fans right now. So, who is Chelsea’s boyfriend, and what does he do? 

Although a lot of fans bring up Chelsea Green and Piper Niven as couples, one should note that there’s nothing between them. Chelsea has never opened up about her past romantic phases. In other words, we don’t have enough facts available to share whether Chelsea was in a relationship with someone or not. 

Undoubtedly, those who have watched Chelsea Green Feet and other alluring videos online may want to know whether she has a boyfriend or not. However, you may like to know that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but rather she made her ex-boyfriend into her husband. However, we all know that she is a married woman. 

According to the reports, Chelsea Green’s husband’s name is Matt Cardona. A lot of people know Matt as a legendary professional wrestler. He is famous in the ring by the name Zack Ryder in WWE. One should also note that he was one of the top mid-cards of the WWE during his time and he also won a lot of championships. At present, he is active on the independent circuit by his real name, which is Matt Cardona. 

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardonna, the famous duo, have been dating each other since 2017. According to the reports, they tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2021 in Las Vegas. Moreover, Chelsea announced in January 2024 that she had obtained a green card. Perhaps that’s why a lot of people have been searching for Gallow Green Chelsea, even though it’s not remotely the same subject.

Chelsea Green’s Career Details 

There’s no doubt about the fact that Chelsea Green has earned a huge name for herself in the wrestling arena. As we know, she worked extremely hard to reach this position and earned a solid fanbase.

However, everything has a start. According to the reports, she joined the pro wrestling circuit under the ring name Jaida at the Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling. One should note that her first match on May 31, 2014, at ECCW Better Than You was great, where she paired up with Brady Malibu and MR2. However, she lost that game.

Next, she joined a women’s title tournament, where she won the first round against Kaitlin Diamond. Later in 2016, she toured Japan twice for the World Wonder Ring Stardom. However, she faced a few injuries due to which she had to come back. Chelsea Green injury was of broken collarbone while wrestling in India.

Not only that, she also faced numerous other injury scares in her career. For example, she once fractured her wrist. Nevertheless, she still played extremely well against tough opponents and solidified her name. For example, she challenged Kairi Hojo, the wonder of stardom champion. Although she lost against her in a 15-minute match, there’s no doubt that she made a huge name for herself. She gained huge recognition due to these tough fights. So, after that, she also took part in the QQC Tag Team Championship tournament to make a statement.

Chelsea’s World Wrestling Entertainment Phase 

During 2014 and 2015, Chelsea took part in the World Wrestling Entertainment. A lot of people still follow Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville’s tag team fight. While it didn’t take place in this tournament, we can say that it gave Chelsea a lot of experience for her future bouts and challenges. 

So, during Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahno’s feud, Van Ness appeared on August 11, 2014, in the episode of Raw as Megan Miller. Later, in 2015, Chelsea once again appeared under her real name as a constant on the sixth season of the Tough Enough. In other words, we can say that Chelsea not only made a promising stride in the wrestling arena, but she also lit up the stage in reality shows.

Chelsea’s Impact Wrestling 

As a wrestler, Chelsea has certainly made a huge name in the industry. The Canadian wrestling champ fought against a lot of heavyweights and gained considerable success as well. As per the reports, Chelsea’s impact wrestling career was extremely fine. 

As per the reports, she made her TNA debut under the ring name, Chelsea on Jan. 7, 2016. Although she lost against Jade, she still did well in the TNA. Chelsea Green vs Mickie James is an example, where the Canadian star fought valiantly.

Moreover, we can also say that she wrestled in a number one contender’s gauntlet battle royal match at the TNA knockouts championship, entering the ongoing match at number four. Even though she was eliminated, she still gained a lot of fans after that battle. 

You might not know, but later, in June, she signed with TNA and made her TV debut as a Heel on the September 29 episode of Impact Wrestling under the new ring name Laurel Van Ness. So, here, she defeated Madison Rayne. Moreover, on October 20, she attacked Allie, which also led to a match between the duo, where Chelsea, aka Van, was victorious. The next week, she attacked Allie once again, leading to another match. However, at that time, Allie defeated Van. 

A year later in 2016, Chelsea aka Van formed an on-screen relationship with Braxton Sutter. Moreover, one should also note that on February 23, 2017, the two were set to marry until Van was rejected by Suter during their wedding when the guy confessed that he was in love with Allie. While this entire thing can be scripted, it led several fans to believe that Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend was Braxton.

Chelsea’s return to WWE in 2018 

According to the reports, Chelsea had a rough patch between the 2016 and 2017 years. However, she did make a comeback in 2018 and had solid success. Nevertheless, we can tell you that in 2018, when Chelsea rejoined WWE, she made her NXT in-ring debut during the October 26 house show. She used her familiar psychotic gimmick in a losing cause against Deonna Purrazzo. 

Besides WWE, she returned to Impact Wrestling in 2021, where she teamed up with Matt Cardona in a tag match. Together, they defeated Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood. Chelsea Green vs Tenille Dashwood was a fine fight here, and a lot of fans loved it. However, you must know that Green and Cardona were eliminated in the semi-final by Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Important Matches of Green 

Throughout her life, Chelsea featured in a lot of ring fights. Whether it’s Impact Wrestling or WWE and NXT, she did her best in everything she did. However, fans still remember some of the best matches of this wonderful Canadian wrestling champ. 

For example, Chelsea Green vs Deonna Purrazzo was a game at Impact Wrestling that a lot of fans still remember. Although Chelsea lost the battle at the semis, she did display fine resilience. Besides that, we also remember Chelsea Green vs Asuka in WWE Raw, where the former showed amazing courage and strength.

Does Chelsea Green Have Onlyfans? 

So, there are a lot of fans out there who want to know whether Chelsea has an Onlyfans account. If you are a new follower of this Canadian wrestling talent, then you’d like to know that she decided to open her Onlyfans account in 2021. Although she continues her wrestling career, she is pretty much focused on adult content right now. That’s why you may have seen a lot of leaked Chelsea Green Onlyfans pics. 

As per the reports, she offers a lot of packages on her Onlyfans account. So, even though it’s inactive right now, she still uploads content, for which she charges around five dollars a month. Besides that, she also likes to interact on Snapchat. Interestingly, Chelsea Green Snapchat photos and videos have also gone viral on the internet.

Chelsea Green Net Worth 

Chelsea Green has become incredibly famous due to her sheer hard work. Several people know her as an integral part of the wrestling circuit. According to the reports, she has featured in multiple bouts. Whether it’s the impact wrestling or WWE, she has won a lot of matches. One should also note that her tag team matches were also brilliant to watch.

Chelsea Green Royal Rumble 2024 was also an event where we saw Chelsea in full flow. Quite naturally, she has made a lot of money as well. However, it’s interesting to note that she hasn’t only made money of her career as a wrestler. She is equally focused on her career as an Onlyfans content creator.

So, the money she has acquired from both her career as an adult content creator and WWE champion has increased over the years. According to the reports, Chelsea enjoys a net worth of around 5 million USD as of 2023. However, she hasn’t confirmed the numbers. Nevertheless, she has financially stabilized her career owing to her superb performance in the wrestling arena. Her Onlyfans has only added further numbers.

Chelsea Green FAQs 

Who Is Chelsea Green?

Chelsea Green has earned popularity for being a Canadian professional wrestler. She has also started her Onlyfans account, where she earned a solid fanbase. However, being a pro wrestler, Chelsea has won several championships. 

How Old Is Chelsea Green? 

According to the reports, Chelsea was born in the year 1991 on the 26th of November. In other words, she is around 32 years old as of 2024. The WWE champ will turn 33 this year.

Who Is Chelsea Green Husband? 

Chelsea Green’s husband’s name is Matt Cardona. According to the sources, she met him at Impact Wrestling, where they reached the semi-finals but crashed thereafter. However, they found love and tied the knot. 

What Is Chelsea Green Net Worth? 

Reports suggest that Chelsea Green’s net worth is around 5 million USD as of 2024.

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