Can’t select what to wear during the auspicious occasion? Do you want something that goes beyond the normal but has the capacity to catch the attention when you walk into the room? If you want something that has crossed the boundary of normal dresses but does not go very eclectic, then choose the overlay Kurti for the event.

The authentication and simplistic beauty of the overlay Kurti are mesmerizing. It is because of this reason why many choose to wear the overlay Kurti as it will compliment any occasion without fail. In this article, we will share with you all you need to know about this creation of Kurti so that you can buy the right one.

What Makes the Overlay Kurti Stand Out the Most?

When it comes to the aesthetics of the cloth, the concept is the one that is worth giving appraisal to. The layover of the extra cloth created a sense of elegance that can be seen in the dress. Generally, the overlay is a multilayered overlay of material that is either embroidered or embellished.

While the inner layer of the dress has to be made using the transparent material, the outer layer, which denotes the overlay of the ‘overlay kurti’ gives structure and significance to the whole design.

If the overlay of the dress is heavily decorated then the Kurti can be worn on any significant occasion like marriage ceremony, puja, etc. However, if the overlay is a simple one, then it can be worn as a part of daily wear apparel.

Difference between Overlay Kurti and Cowl Kurti:

When it comes to the difference between cowl and overlay Kurti, most tend to take one for the other. However, there lays a significant amount of importance on the structurality of the Kurti. The overlay Kurti is more like an attached jacket that comes with transparent material.

The jacket-like stance in the cloth is the one that is decorated and embellished. The heavier the work is, the more beautiful it will appear. However, when it comes to the cowl Kurti, it is generally the one that has swaddled clothes at one side of the dress.

The layers of clothes are seen together to secure it, to create the effect of layers. It is swaddled in one place, for say, left, middle, right, or on the neck of the dress. So it can be said that the difference between both the dresses lies in the structurality of it.

Where to Buy the Overlay Kurti from?

There are two options through which you can buy the product. Depending on which one will be the most satisfactory to you, select the appropriate medium.

You can either choose to buy it from market places. Either a retailer or a boutique store, you will be given the option to buy it according to your preferences.

By buying it from retailers you can buy a bundle of Kurti at a low cost. However, to find something unique in design, you have to rely on the option of a boutique store.

You can buy the Overlay Kurti online. There are multiple online stores through which you can select and buy the appropriate Kurti suited to your physique.

The best thing about obtaining the Kurti online is that multiple options will be given to you. From there you can select the one that suits your outlook the most.


Though there are multiple patterns of the Kurti available online, we suggest that you opt for one that is not too heavy. Depending on the occasion, select the Overlay Kurti online. For weddings, go for heavily embroidered cloth coupled with palazzo, for daily wear, take the lighter option paired with leggings or high-waisted jeans.

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