Want to try something eclectic? Want to wear something unique so that you can stand out from the rest?

We can assure you that cowl Kurti will make all the difference as this unusual sensation has created an effect in the minds of the fashionistas, claiming that the fascination related to cowls is here to stay.

In this blog, we will share why you should at least once own a Kurti made in cowl style along with different variations of it so that you can select the one that would suit you the best.

Why is the Cowl Style Kurti the Best?

Cowl-styled Kurti owes its exception to its extraordinary style. Draped beauty has created a sensation in the fashion realm. The patterns of the cowl Kurti is sewn in straightway maintaining the structurality of the whole clothing.

The swaddled clothes layering one after another creates an effect of illusion which makes it look ephemeral. The aesthetics of the clothe depends solely on the layered clothes making it appear very beautiful.

If you want to try something out of the place, you should definitely buy a cowl pattern Kurti online.
Types of cowl pattern Kurtis based on position:

There are a number of patterned Kurtis available in the market. However, which one to buy depends solely on the person. We have listed a number of cowls patterned Kurtis based on the position of the swaddled layers.

Left-Sided Cowled Kurti:

You can opt for a Kurti that has layers upon layers on the left side of the Kurti. The layers will create an effect that will complement the whole Kurti.

Make sure that the left-sided cooled Kurti is not divided long. The more division between the clothes, the more length of the jeans or leggings has to be.

Suppose the swaddled is positioned on the upper side of the Kurti, then you might need to wear high-waisted jeans with it.

Right-sided Cowled Kurti:

The right-sided cowl Kurti is one of the best in the market.

The difference between the left cowled Kurti and the right-sided is that the swaddled clothes are positioned on the right side of the Kurti. Here, you have to pair it with high waisted jeans as well.

Cowl Neck Kurti Designs:

The cowl, in this case, is positioned on the region of the neck. The layout of layers creates an effect on the neck of the clothes increasing the aesthetic of the whole clothing.

While wearing the Kurti with a cowl on the neck, you have to keep in mind, not to overdress. The whole focus will be on the cowl neck Kurti so wearing ornaments or scarf will lessen the emphasis on the neck.

Middle-sided Cowl Kurti:

The best one that everyone can carry is the middle sided cowl, Kurti. It will help you with carrying out the whole get up. All you have to pair it up with is body-hugging high-waisted jeans which will definitely leave an impression.

Types of Cowl Drape Kurtis Based on Patterns:

Patterns have a condescending effect on the whole aesthetics of the dress. You have to buy a Kurti with a pattern that complements the drap, which does not confuse the viewers.

The drape has to be layered in a way to emphasise the layering effect while significantly holding up the patterns of the clothes. Some of the patterns that will complement the structure of the cowl design are written below.

  • Geometric pattern
  • Stripes pattern
  • Floral patterns
  • Plaid patterns


You can buy the cowl patterned clothes from general markets or you can opt for purchasing cowl Kurti online. Purchasing them online gives you a chance to select find the type that you desire. The variety of options will help you find the one that will suit you the best.

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