Penelope Mitchell, born on July 24, 1991, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry since her debut in 2009. Known for her versatile performances across film, television, and music videos, Mitchell has captivated audiences with her talent and charisma. From her breakout roles in “Hemlock Grove” and “The Vampire Diaries” to her recent appearances in “Star Trek: Picard” and “Sting,” she continues to enchant viewers with her compelling portrayals. Let’s delve deeper into the life, career, and achievements of this remarkable actress.

Today we will be discussing the Penelope Mitchell wiki so that there will be an understanding of the Penelope Mitchell family, Penelope Mitchell’s age, Penelope Mitchell’s net worth, dating, profession, etc in a nutshell.

Who is Penelope Mitchell?

Australian actress Penelope Mitchell was born on July 24, 1991. She gained popularity as Letha Godfrey in the American horror series Hemlock Grove and as Liv Parker on The Vampire Diaries. Penelope Mitchell, born on July 24, 1991, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is a versatile actress active in the industry since 2009. Before gaining wider recognition, she appeared on several Australian shows, including the children’s program “Toon Time,” and the ABC documentary series “Next Stop Hollywood,” which chronicled her and five other Australian actors’ journey to Hollywood. Her early career also included a guest role on the Australian police drama “Rush.”

Mitchell’s significant breakthrough came when she was cast as Letha Godfrey in the Netflix series “Hemlock Grove,” a role that put her on the international radar. She further solidified her place in American television by portraying Olivia Parker, a pivotal witch character from the Gemini Coven, on “The Vampire Diaries.” Her character was a recurring presence in Seasons Five and Six until her character’s demise in the dramatic Season Six finale, “I’m Thinking Of You All The While.” Mitchell’s ability to navigate between charming and complex characters across different genres has marked her as a talented and dynamic actress in the entertainment industry.

The Early Life of Penelope Mitchell

Mitchell was born in Melbourne, Victoria, France, to an Australian entrepreneur. He spent his childhood in Australia with his two brothers. She is fluent in French. 

Education of Penelope Mitchell

She studied ballet from age 4 to 16. Mitchell ranked in the top 1% in his graduating year and received the International Baccalaureate award. He studied at the University of Melbourne and wanted to be a lawyer. Mitchell graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Media Communications and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. 

Basic Details of Penelope Mitchell

Age: Penelope Mitchell is 32 years old.

Weight: She has a weight of 124 lbs or 56 kg.

Physical Appearance: Penelope Mitchell stands at 173.4 cm with a weight of 56 kg. Her striking grey eyes are complemented by golden hair of medium length. With fair skin and an average build, she possesses a classic and versatile physical appearance.

Height173.4 cm
Weight56 kg
Eye ColourGrey
Hair ColourGolden
Hair LengthMedium
Skin ToneFair
Body Mass
Shoe Size

Family of Penelope Mitchell

She and her two brothers and sister were born and raised in Australia. Penelope is the granddaughter of Lester Mitchell, MBE, and Heather Mitchell, OBE, who were both prominent farmers and political activists. Along with former Victorian Premier Joan Kirner, Heather Mitchell co-founded Landcare Australia and served as the first female president of the National Farmers Federation. Mitchell spent most of her childhood in Australia with her two brothers. She is the cousin of actress Radha Mitchell. 

Career Details of Penelope Mitchell

Before Fame

After graduating from the University of Melbourne with a degree in media and communications, she moved to Los Angeles and began her acting career. She made her television debut in 2009 in an episode of the TV series Rush. Her initial career goal was to become a lawyer.

Film Roles

Starting of 2011

Penelope Mitchell’s career in short films began with a flourish in 2011, a year marked by her participation in several short film projects that showcased her versatility as an actress. In “The Fat Lady Swings,” she took on the role of Sherry, which served as her introduction to the short film scene. Her portrayal demonstrated an early ability to capture complex emotions, setting the tone for her subsequent roles. That same year, she embodied the character of Sofia in “Nightshift of the Vampire,” a role that likely required a blend of mystique and intensity, given the thematic elements of the film. Additionally, Mitchell played the titular character in “The Grace of Others,” where she likely explored themes of human connection and isolation, further highlighting her range as an actress. Another significant 2011 role was Zoe in “Meth to Madness,” a film whose title suggests a deep dive into challenging and gritty subject matter, showcasing her ability to handle more dramatic and intense roles.

Continuing to 2012 – 2016

Continuing her journey through the world of short films, in 2012, Mitchell starred in “The Wishful,” portraying dual roles as Lula Doe and Princess Lula, which demonstrated her skill in handling multiple characters within a single narrative, likely requiring a swift and nuanced shift in portrayal. The same year, she appeared in “Green Eyed” as Sarah, adding another layer to her growing array of characters and proving her adaptability to different genres and storytelling styles. Her last noted involvement in a short film was in 2015 with “The Waiting Game,” where she played Erica. This role came after a series of full-length film roles, suggesting a return to the short film format that perhaps allowed Mitchell to explore more experimental or concentrated narratives.

Later on, in 2017 – Current Days

From 2017 to 2022, Penelope Mitchell’s career progressed with her roles in a mix of feature films and a television movie, showcasing her continuous evolution as an actress in diverse genres.

In 2017, Mitchell appeared in the film “Gnaw” (also known as “Apartment 212”), where she took on the role of Jennifer. This horror film likely provided her with a platform to explore darker, more intense psychological themes, focusing on character-driven terror and suspense. Her portrayal would have needed to convey both the vulnerability and the gradual unraveling of her character under horrific circumstances.

By 2018, Mitchell expanded her filmography with “The Midwife’s Deception,” where she portrayed Jina. This role in a thriller film likely required her to delve into a complex, emotionally charged narrative involving deceit and danger, challenging her to maintain tension and suspense through her performance. The same year, she was featured in “Between Worlds” as Billi and in “Look Away” as Lily, both roles allowing her to further display her range across different storytelling and thematic elements, from supernatural to psychological thriller.

In 2019, she joined the cast of the reboot of the comic book franchise film “Hellboy” as Ganeida the Witch. This role, likely involving elements of fantasy and horror, would have provided Mitchell with the opportunity to step into a larger production, showcasing her ability to hold her own in a visually rich and dynamic environment alongside major actors. Moving into 2020, Mitchell appeared in “Becoming” as Lisa Corrigan, a character in a film that explores identity and transformation, themes that often require a deep and introspective performance, focusing on personal evolution and the complexities of human nature.

In 2022, she was part of the superhero comedy “The Hyperions” as Vista Mandelbaum, a film likely featuring a blend of humor, action, and character-driven storytelling, requiring a flexible approach to both comedic and dramatic elements. Furthermore, she showed up in “R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Condemned,” a direct-to-video discharge where she played Jeanne, once once more digging into powerful topics with a mix of activity and comedy.

Film roles
2011The Fat Lady SwingsSherryShort film
Nightshift of the VampireSofiaShort film
The Grace of OthersGraceShort film
Meth to MadnessZoeShort film
2012The WishfulLula Doe / Princess LulaShort film
6 PlotsJules Freemana.k.a. Six Graves
Green EyedSarahShort film
2013The Joe ManifestoSue 
2014The Fear of DarknessSkye Williams 
The Curse of Downers GroveTracy 
The Waiting GameEricaShort film
CurveElla Rutledge 
2017Gnaw (Apartment 212)Jennifer 
2018The Midwife’s DeceptionJina 
Between WorldsBilli 
Look AwayLily 
2019HellboyGaneida the Witch 
2020BecomingLisa Corrigan 
2022The HyperionsVista Mandelbaum 
R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the DamnedJeanneDirect-to-video

Television Roles

Penelope Mitchell’s career in television has seen a diverse range of roles across different genres, demonstrating her adaptability and continued presence in the industry. Her journey began in 2009 with a guest role as Sarah in an episode of “Rush,” an Australian police drama. This initial appearance set the stage for more substantial opportunities in the television landscape.

In 2011, Mitchell appeared in the popular Australian series “Offspring,” playing the role of Chrissy in the episode “Cheating on Your Test.” This part likely allowed her to explore a character within the framework of a comedic drama, offering her a chance to showcase her versatility in a well-received show. Her significant breakthrough in television came in 2013 with the Netflix original series “Hemlock Grove,” where she played Letha Godfrey, a main character in the first season. In this horror thriller series, Mitchell portrayed a complex character entangled in supernatural events, demanding a nuanced performance that balanced innocence and mystery, which significantly raised her profile internationally.

In 2014–15, Mitchell joined the cast of “The Vampire Diaries,” a popular supernatural drama on The CW, portraying Olivia ‘Liv’ Parker. As a recurring character during seasons 5 and 6, she played a witch with a pivotal role in the storyline, which required a dynamic portrayal balancing vulnerability and strength, further establishing her as a versatile actress in genre television. In 2018, she starred in “The Time Capsule,” a television film, as Lauren. This role likely showcased her ability to carry a narrative as the central character, providing a different format and pacing compared to series television, focusing on emotional depth and character development over a single, self-contained story.

By 2022, Mitchell secured a recurring role in the second season of “Star Trek: Picard,” playing Renée Picard. This role placed her within a significant legacy of the “Star Trek” universe, likely requiring a performance that honored the storied history of the franchise while also bringing fresh energy and depth to the ensemble cast.

Most recently, in 2024, she appears in “Sting” as Heather, a role that continues her trend of engaging with diverse characters and settings. Each television role has enabled Penelope Mitchell to expand her acting repertoire, moving seamlessly between different genres and formats, from Australian national television to major American series, enhancing her career with each performance.

Television roles
2009RushSarah1 episode
2011OffspringChrissyEpisode: “Cheating on Your Test”
2013Hemlock GroveLetha GodfreyMain cast (season 1)
2014–15The Vampire DiariesOlivia ‘Liv’ ParkerRecurring role (seasons 5–6)
2018The Time CapsuleLaurenTelevision film
2022Star Trek: PicardRenée PicardRecurring role (season 2)

Music Video Roles

In 2015, Penelope Mitchell appeared in Brandon Flowers’ music video for “Lonely Town.” This role allowed her to showcase her expressive capabilities in a different medium, blending visual storytelling with music. Her performance complemented the song’s emotive depth, broadening her appeal beyond traditional film and television audiences. 

Achievements of Penelope Mitchell

  • Mitchell ranked in the top 1% in his graduating year and received the International Baccalaureate award.
  • 2015 Nominee FilmQuest Cthulhu – best supporting actress in The Fear of Darkness.
  • 2017 Nominee FilmQuest Cthulhu – best actress in Gnaw.

Relationship Details of Penelope Mitchell

She dated a werewolf in Hemlock Grove as well as in The Vampire Diaries. 

Social Media Facts

Penelope Mitchell boasts a substantial social media following, with 96K followers on Instagram and 19.1K on Twitter. While she follows 517 on Instagram and 244 on Twitter, she maintains an engaging presence with 61 Instagram posts. Mitchell shares glimpses of her personal life, fostering a strong connection with her fans.


Net Worth of Penelope Mitchell

As of mid-2021, Penelope Mitchell’s net worth is assessed at near to $1 million. 


Here is the full Penelope Mitchell Wiki including Penelope Mitchell’s age, Penelope Mitchell family, career, profession, Penelope Mitchell net worth, relationship, and details –

Full NamePenelope Mitchell
Nick NameMitchell
BirthJuly 24, 1991
BirthplaceMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Cause of Death
Death place
Years Active2009 – Present
Age32 years
Zodiac SignLeo
Education (School)School – Local School
GraduationCollege – Melbourne University
ParentsFather – Australian EntrepreneurMother – French-born Artist
SiblingsSister – N/ABrother – Two older brothersStep Siblings – N/A
PartnersEx – N/ACurrent – None
Marital StatusUnmarried
Current RelationSingle
Current ResidenceAustralia
Net WorthEstimated close to $1 million (as of mid-2021)

Unknown Facts of Penelope Mitchell

Here are a few facts that may not be known about Penelope Mitchell –

  • On July 24, 1991, Penelope Mitchell was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • She and Famke Janssen were both arrangement regulars on Hemlock Woods.
  • She grew up in Australia with her two elder brothers.
  • Growing up, she was really interested in ballet and even trained in it from the age of 4 until she was 16 years old.
  • Her mother was a French visual craftsman and her father was a businessman.
  • Penelope speaks French very well and well.
  • During her teenage years, she worked as a model in order to be able to support her private tuition fees.
  • She dabbled in frequent writing for a variety of publications while in college.
  • She was a top achiever in her tall school for a long time. She indeed took portion in numerous theater preparations amid understudy for a long time.
  • Mitchell’s filmography includes a range of genres, from horror to comedy to drama. This diversity highlights her versatility as an actress and her ability to tackle challenging roles with ease.
  • Initially, Mitchell wanted to be a lawyer. In any case, after she completed her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles in arrange to seek a career in acting.
  • Mitchell got her major breakthrough with the appearance, of Letha Godfrey, in Hemlock Woods in 2013. She shared a series of regular roles on the program with Dutch actress Famke Janssen.
  • She had worked as a haven for the kids appeared in Toon Times.
  • Penelope participated in Next Stop Hollywood alongside six other Australian performers. She was then chosen to play Sarah in Surge (2009).
  • She completed her schooling with an International Baccalaureate diploma, ranking in the top 1% of her graduating class.
  • In 2012, she starred in her first motion picture, 6 Plots, playing Jules Freeman.
  • Penelope has worked alongside various notable stars such as Patrick Wilson, John Cho, Nicolas Cage, and Lydia Hearst.
  • Penelope appeared in the Lonely Town music video by American singer-songwriter Brandon Flowers in 2015.
  • After high school, Mitchell pursued higher education at Melbourne University. Initially interested in a career in law, she enrolled in an Arts: Media Communication program, setting the stage for her future transition into the entertainment industry.
  • She was cast in the hit motion picture Hellboy (2019).
  • Mitchell is an eager supporter of Landcare Australia.
  • Mitchell’s acting career kicked off in 2009 with a guest appearance on the Australian crime drama “Rush.”
  • The actress Radha Mitchell’s younger cousin is her.
  • In 2011, Mitchell was featured in the ABC documentary series “Next Stop Hollywood,” which followed six Australian actors, including herself, as they pursued their dreams in Hollywood.
  • She was previously selected to play Tracy in The Curse of Downers Grove (2015).
  • The “Screen Actors Guild—American Federation of Television and Radio Artists” is an organization she belongs to.
  • Penelope Mitchell is the cousin of actress Radha Mitchell, known for her roles in films like “Pitch Black” and “Finding Neverland.”
  • Following her success in “Hemlock Grove,” Mitchell joined the cast of “The Vampire Diaries” as Olivia ‘Liv’ Parker.
  • In 2015, Mitchell appeared in Brandon Flowers’ music video for “Lonely Town.” This venture into the world of music videos allowed her to explore new avenues of expression and creativity.
  • Despite her rising fame, Mitchell remains grounded and focused on her craft.
  • Outside of her acting career, Mitchell is involved in various charitable endeavors. She uses her platform to raise awareness for causes close to her heart, contributing to positive change in the world.
  • Mitchell is passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability. She advocates for eco-friendly practices in both her personal and professional life, using her influence to promote positive environmental change.
  • Mitchell is committed to social justice and equality. She uses her platform to amplify marginalized voices and advocate for inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of society.
  • As a public figure, Mitchell recognizes the importance of mental health awareness and destigmatization.
  • Mitchell is an advocate for animal rights and welfare.
  • Mitchell is actively involved in her local community, volunteering her time and resources to support grassroots organizations and initiatives.
  • Mitchell incorporates mindfulness into her daily life. She values present-moment awareness, meditation
  • Mitchell is open to spiritual exploration and self-discovery. She explores different philosophies, practices, and beliefs, seeking meaning, purpose, and connection in her life journey.

Penelope Mitchell Photos

Controversy of Penelope Mitchell

There are no controversies. 


In conclusion, Penelope Mitchell stands as a testament to the power of talent, determination, and versatility in the entertainment industry. From her humble beginnings in Melbourne to her global recognition today, Mitchell’s journey reflects her passion for storytelling and her dedication to her craft. As she continues to evolve as an actress, philanthropist, and advocate, her influence will undoubtedly endure, inspiring audiences and aspiring artists alike for years to come. 

FAQ of Penelope Mitchell

Some usually ask FAQ about Penelope Mitchell:

Who is Penelope Mitchell?

Penelope Mitchell is an Australian actress known for roles in “Hemlock Grove” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

What is her nickname?

Her nickname is Mitchell.

When was she born?

Penelope Mitchell was born on July 24, 1991.

What is Penelope Mitchell’s age?

Her age is 32 years as of 2024.

What are Penelope Mitchell’s family members’ names?

Penelope Mitchell’s family includes her parents and two older brothers.

Where did Penelope Mitchell study?

Penelope Mitchell studied at Melbourne University.

Is she dating?

Penelope Mitchell’s relationship status is undisclosed.

What does she do?

Penelope Mitchell is an actress and activist.

Where was Penelope Mitchell born?

Penelope Mitchell was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

What is Penelope Mitchell’s net worth?

Penelope Mitchell’s net worth has been estimated at around $1 million in mid-2021.

What is her offspring’s name?

She doesn’t have any offspring.

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