For more than three decades, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has worked in the motion picture industry. She rose to fame internationally after acting with Richard Gere in the romantic comedy “Pretty Women” in 1990. This followed her critically acclaimed performance as a young bride with diabetes in 1989’s “Steel Magnolias.” She was unmistakably called “America’s Sweetheart” when “Pretty Women” was a commercial triumph.

She rose to prominence in the media for her personal relationships and became the woman American men wanted to “take home to their mom.” Julia Roberts and cameraman Daniel Moder have been married since 2002 and have three children together. She keeps her personal life extremely quiet, much like many other famous people do. She hardly ever tweets about her kids or posts images of them on Instagram. She probably wants them to temporarily live normal lives.


Hazel Patricia Moder, a member of the famous family and frequently referred to as Hazel Moder, is an American actress. Her parents are Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder. She also made her red carpet debut alongside her identical twin brother, Finn, in the “20 Cutest Celebrity Babies” episode of the American series “VH1: All Access.” In addition, she made her singing debut in the romantic comedy movie “Mother’s Day” with her mother in 2016, ten years after she first appeared in it.

Today we will be discussing the Hazel Moder wiki so that there will be an understanding of the Hazel Moder family, Hazel Moder age, Hazel Moder net worth, dating, profession, etc in a nutshell. 

Who is Hazel Moder?

Hazel Moder, an 18-year-old woman, is the fraternal twin of Daniel Moder, an American director of photography. Julia Fiona Robert, Daniel Moder’s wife, is an American glamorizes leading diva of the entertainment industry and one of Hollywood’s most successful franchises. She won the Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Television Series in 2019.

The firstborn child of Julia Robert and Daniel Moder, Hazel Moder is their identical twin. Her full name is Hazel Patricia Moder. The beautiful 18-year-old senorita was nurtured and brought up far from the glitz and bizarro of the silver screen throng.

Hazel Moder is a young woman who prefers her niche and gained notoriety since her parents are well-known in the film industry. She was praised and recognized as a wonderful schoolgirl in extracurricular activities before becoming a well-known figure on the Internet. She is incredibly dynamic in her school’s athletic endeavors because of this.

In this article, let’s talk about many details about Hazel Moder’s wiki, biography, Hazel Moder’s family, Hazel Moder’s net worth, Hazel Moder’s age, height, relationship, etc.

The Early Life of Hazel Moder

The famous offspring of Julia Robert, Hazel Moder, is American and hails from Los Angeles, California. On November 28, 2004, Hazel was born. The young girl was also born under the celestial meridian sign of Sagittarius, whose hieroglyph is a bow and arrow and is called “The Archer,” and she was born under the sign of this celestial meridian. Hazel is a white, Caucasian American who is an American by nationality.

During the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in France, Hazel Moder became well-known for walking the red carpet. Numerous individuals, celebrities, and paparazzi all paid attention. Hazel looked stunning on the red carpet in a caramel yellow button-up silk dress and thick knit black Mary Jane shoes, taking style ideas from her famous and glamorous mother. She added a casual ponytail to the simple ensemble.

For her eloquence and dexterity, Hazel Moder received a substantial amount of praise. Both traveling and playing soccer are something she finds fascinating. Hazel has gained entry into the film business as well. Hazel’s mother and Hollywood icon Julia Roberts enrolled her in acting classes when she was seven years old. Although she is not currently active on social media, if she were, she would soon get fans.

Hazel has an Acting Bug

Because of their reputation for being intensely secretive, Hazel’s parents have chosen to shield their kids from the unwanted attention of the media. To safeguard their family life and prevent any intrusions, her mother has always believed that raising the children in a typical atmosphere is far more crucial.

You can’t tell how Hazel’s childhood days are going because she barely makes any public appearances. Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles is where she is allegedly enrolled. Growing up, Hazel may have had an interest in performing due to her family’s history of outstanding performers like her uncle Eric Roberts and cousin Emma Roberts. The prospect of enrolling Hazel in acting lessons is one that her mother is aware of and is amenable to. Aside from that, the child’s mother already watched the screen.

One of the episodes of the “VH1 All Access” program “20 Cutest Celebrity Babies” featured Hazel and her identical twin brother. Hazel and her boys were additionally depicted in their mother’s 2016 romantic comedy “Mother’s Day” as cartwheel kids.

You might lead a very different lifestyle than kids who don’t have renowned parents. While some famous people choose to raise their kids in a way that closely resembles their own lifestyle, others choose to raise their kids in a way that is far more grounded. On the back half, Julia Roberts falters. She is letting her children live as independent people rather than lavishing them with cash. During one of her interviews, Roberts revealed that she teaches her children the fundamentals, such as how to make their bed, wash the laundry, and prepare one meal.

The challenges of raising her children in a more digitally advanced society have always been openly discussed by Julia Roberts. She admitted that she always checks before turning on the TV. She also has limitations on the amount of social media Hazel and her siblings can access. Despite any media-related restrictions, Hazel’s mother has made it apparent that she talks to her children frequently and holds family gatherings, giving her and her siblings the freedom to express their opinions. 

Education of Hazel Moder

Our Lady of Mercy School in California, United States, is where Hazel Moder is presently completing her high school career. Since they are a Catholic school, they offer the highest quality education to their kids. Her participation in athletics is enthusiastic. Along with being adventurous and brave, she excels academically.

According to her teacher, Hazel is the best student ever in every regard, making her the greatest of all time. According to her, education is the only element required to instill a cultural impact across cultures. In addition, Hazel Moder excels at making new friends. She formed more friendships as a result of spending the last ten years at the same school. The twins are moving to UC Berkeley, an insider claims. One is a fine artist, and the other is a computer and information science student. Hazel is adaptable to different circumstances. 

Basic Details of Hazel Moder

Age – On November 28, 2004, Hazel Moder was born. She will be 18 years old in 2022.

Height – Hazel Moder’s height is roughly 5 feet and 1 inch, or 154.9 centimeters.

Weight – She weighs 116 pounds or 54 kilos.

Physical Appearance – Hazel is a woman of normal height, however in pictures, she appears much taller. She is 1.55 meters tall, or 5 feet 1 inch, tall. Furthermore, she is 116 pounds (54 kg).

Height154.9 cm
Weight54 kg
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Hair LengthLong
Skin ToneFair
BodySlim Shape
Body Mass
Shoe Size

Family of Hazel Moder

An affluent family is the origin of Hazel Moder. Her American parents gave birth to her in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. The eldest daughter, Hazel, is a fraternal twin. Her parents, actress Julia Roberts and businessman Daniel Moder had their first child, a set of twins, on November 28, 2004. Because of how their jobs force them to interact with the media, her parents are in the spotlight. Julia Robert’s daughter’s lovebirds Walter Grady Roberts and Betty Lou Bredemus were Hazel Moder’s maternal grandparents. Mike Moder, a film producer and assistant director, and his wife Patricia Ann Watz are Hazel’s paternal grandparents.

Julia has Treasured Special Letters for Hazel

In one interview, Julia Roberts, the mother of Hazel, disclosed that she had saved every love letter that came from the father of Hazel. All of these letters were intended for Julia to one day present to her daughter. Speaking of these messages, she added, “I have a box that a friend gave me, and it is painted on the inside where it says “Love letters to Julia from Danny.” I have collected all my notes and letters that my husband has written to me over the course of ten years in this box. When my daughter is older, I will be happy to present it to her. A great approach to getting to know your parents, in my opinion.

In addition to this, Julia has another cache of her life to pass on to her daughter. She said to People magazine in an interview from April 2017 that she has been storing all of her famous red carpet outfits for her daughter Hazel in case she ever wants to wear them.

Julia Moder and Daniel Moder

One of Hollywood’s most admirable marriages has been established by Julia Roberts and Danny Moder after more than 20 years of marriage. On Independence Day in 2002, the couple, who had first met on the shooting of the 2001 movie The Mexican, exchanged vows in a very private ceremony. With the exception of the occasional date night, red carpet appearance, or charming birthday tribute, they have attempted to keep their family life as secret as possible. They have three children together: son Henry and twins Hazel and Phinnaeus. Here is a detailed timeline of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s charming relationship, from their on-screen interactions to their time spent raising their family as a couple.

In 2000, Roberts and Moder first worked together on the set of the movie The Mexican. Roberts played Samantha, the love interest of Brad Pitt, while Moder served as the movie’s cameraman. Vera Steimberg, a famous makeup artist, and the Pretty Woman actress were both dating Benjamin Bratt at the time the cinematographer got married. After almost four years together, Roberts and Bratt divorced in June 2001. Early in 2002, Moder and Steimberg’s divorce became legally binding.

At Roberts’ 82-acre property in Taos, New Mexico, the pair exchanged vows on July 4, 2002. The couple had been married for almost two years when Roberts’ representative told PEOPLE that the actress was expecting twins and would give birth in the first few months of 2005. Phinnaeus and Hazel Moder, twins born to Roberts and Moder on November 28, 2004, were born. The couple would give birth to their third child together that summer, a Roberts spokeswoman told PEOPLE in December 2006. Henry Daniel Roberts, their third child, was formally welcomed into the family in June 2007 by Roberts and Moder. 

Career Details of Hazel Moder

Hazel Moder, who is currently a high school student and is 18 years old, has a gift for theatre. She started attending acting classes when she was 7 years old, following in her mother’s footsteps. She is very enthusiastic about playing soccer. Whether she will be on the big screen in Hollywood or become well-known in sports is unknown. But according to her parents, she would instantly feel a connection to the movie industry. Additionally, she will work with renowned production companies. She has received a lot of attention due to her expressiveness and delicacy. Within a few months, after she starts her social media accounts, she will have more than one million followers.

Along with Jill Dobson, Bex Schwartz, Brian Donovan, and many others, she made her television debut in 2001’s VH1: All Access. In a short amount of time, she has amassed enormous recognition. Hazel Moder has also gained further notoriety due to the fact that she is the daughter of Julia Roberts, a well-known actress, and Daniel Moder, a cinematographer. Many movies, including Wonder, Mirror Mirror, and others, have highlighted her mother. Her father has appeared in films such as Point Break and Heaven’s Floor.

Despite spending most of her life away from the spotlight, Hazel might be preparing to follow in her parent’s footsteps. At the Cannes Film Festival in July 2021, the blonde beauty made her red carpet debut. At the premiere of her father’s movie Flag Day, Hazel supported him and looked stunning in a designer outfit.

In an effort to shield her children from Hollywood’s glare, the 53-year-old Oscar winner moved to New Mexico after the birth of Hazel and her twin brother Phinnaeus. Currently, 14-year-old Henry was born to Julia and Danny in 2007. In a 2018 interview for Harper’s Bazaar with Oprah Winfrey, Julia said her children will never “get a true sense” of her stardom.

The figurative wall between her and her 9.4 million Instagram followers has since been taken down, but she still trusts Danny to share the more private family moments.

Achievements of Hazel Moder

There are no details of it.

Relationship Details of Hazel Moder

The lovely girl, Hazel Moder, was said to have had a boyfriend in her school days. Whether she is in love with a guy or not is unclear given this information, though. Hazel hasn’t mentioned having an affair and isn’t doing so right now, claim dating sources. She is a single woman who is enjoying life to the fullest. Additionally, we will keep you informed of any new developments.

Social Media Facts

Despite being well-known for Hollywood movies, Hazel Moder is not active on any social networking sites. Millions of people follow the parents of Hazel Moder on social media.


Net Worth of Hazel Moder

Hazel Moder, a star child who is already in her teen years, is without a doubt building a reputation for herself. Mother’s Day from the year 2016 is the only movie in which Hazel has appeared to date. In addition to that, the 2001 VH 1 All Access Series featured the Spotlight Kid. This young woman has played important roles in this short film and her acting career. Her net worth was determined to be around US $ 2 million, bringing attention to her wealth. Julia Robert has a US$250 million net worth, whereas Daniel Moder has a US$10 million net worth.


Here is the full Hazel Moder Wiki including Hazel Moder age, Hazel Moder family, career, profession, Hazel Moder net worth, relationship, and details –

Full NameHazel Patricia Moder
Nick NameHazel Moder
Birth28th November 2004
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Cause of Death
Death place
ProfessionSchooling Girl
Years Active
Age19 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
ReligionChristianity followed by Hindu
Education (School)School – Our Lady of Mercy School, California, United States
GraduationCollege – N/A
ParentsFather – Daniel ModerMother – Julia Robert
SiblingsSister – Henry DanielBrother – Phinneas “Finn” WalterStep Siblings – N/A
PartnersEx – N/ACurrent – None
Marital StatusUnmarried
Current RelationSingle
Current Residence
HobbyTravelling, Playing Soccer, Table Tennis, Watching Movies
Net WorthUS $2 Million

Unknown Facts of Hazel Moder

Here are a few facts that may not be known about Hazel Moder –

  • The singing video of Hazel Moder became well-known in the media in 2017. The song is titled “The Girl from Ipanema”.
  • Henry Daniel Moder, who was born on June 18, 2007, is another sibling of Hazel and Phinnaeus.
  • Hazel’s mother calls her Laxmi since another Indian priest of the same name also goes by that name.
  • The “Hari Mandi Ashram” in Pataudi, Gurugram, Haryana, is a place where Hazel Moder’s mother frequently takes her and her siblings.
  • She is currently enrolled in the Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles. She is not only an outstanding student but also plays soccer for her school.
  • This remarkable youngster is influenced by and follows in the footsteps of her mother’s faith and beliefs.
  • Julia Roberts, a well-known American actor, and cinematographer Daniel Moder welcomed twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter Moder into the world on November 28, 2004, in Los Angeles, California, the United States.
  • Along with visiting Swami Daram Dev’s “Hari Mandir Ashram” in Pataudi, Gurugram, Haryana, Julia also brought Hazel and her siblings there while they were filming “Eat Pray Love” in September 2009.

Hazel Moder Photos

The controversy of Hazel Moder

Hazel is an IVF Baby

Along with her twin brother Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter Moder, Hazel Patricia Moder was born on November 28, 2004, in Los Angeles, California. They were born via IVF to her mother Roberts and her father Daniel (In Vitro Fertilization). IVF proved to be a blessing for a couple who were attempting to conceive with great difficulty.

Daniel and Julia revealed they were expecting twins, a boy, and a girl, at nine weeks into the pregnancy. Even though her PR was totally denying the fertility problems, the fraternity sparked questions when she didn’t divulge the gender of her children until nine weeks had passed. The pair was seen in Manhattan attending a reproductive clinic as well. In their Malibu, California, home, Hazel grew up with her brother and younger brother Henry. Her parents did their best to shield them from the spotlight when they were growing up.


The actress Julia Roberts, who starred in numerous movies including Pretty Woman (1990) and Erin Brockovich (2000), appears to be prepared to reveal her only child, Hazel Moder, to the public. The stunning 16-year-old, who was raised outside of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, just walked the red carpet at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in France. Hazel was beaming for the cameras as she stood by her father Daniel Moder, a cinematographer, at the premiere of his newest movie, Flag Day.

Hazel Moder, an American child actor, is best known for being the eldest child of legendary American actress Julia Roberts and her cinematographer husband, Daniel Moder. Besides her twin brother, Hazel also has a younger brother. Although she is a student right now, she has had cameos in the films “Mother’s Day” and “VH1: All Access.” Julia had given her children Hindu names, Hazel’s being “Lakshmi,” as a result of her interest in Hinduism. Hazel is a talented athlete who plays soccer for her school, but she is also expected to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Most of the time, Hazel and her siblings have been shielded from the media by their parents.

FAQ of Hazel Moder:

Some usually asked FAQ about Hazel Moder –

Who is Hazel Moder?

Hazel Moder, an 18-year-old woman, is the fraternal twin of Daniel Moder, an American director of photography. Julia Fiona Robert, Daniel Moder’s wife, is an American glamorizes leading diva of the entertainment industry and one of Hollywood’s most successful franchises. She won the Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Television Series in 2019.

What is her nickname?

Her nickname is Hazel.

When was she born?

On November 28, 2004, Hazel Moder was born.

What is Hazel Moder’s age?

She is 19 years old (as of 2023).

What are Hazel Moder’s family members’ names?

Her parents are Daniel Moder and Julia Robert.

Where did Hazel Moder study?

Hazel Moder attended Our Lady of Mercy School, in California, United States.

Is she dating?

Hazel Moder is still single.

What does she do?

Hazel Moder is a social media influencer, on TikTok, and YouTuber.

Where was Hazel Moder born?

In Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Hazel Moder was born.

What is Hazel Moder’s net worth?

Hazel Moder has a net worth of more than $2 million dollars.

What is her offspring’s name?

She doesn’t have any offspring.

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