Rashel Kolaneci Became popular in Albania and achieved success as an actress, acting television, and social media personality. She initially got popularity through the sharing of her Instagram modelling images, and since then, she has made a name for herself as a successful kickboxing champion.

Who is Rashel Kolaneci? 

Kolaneci rose to stardom after hosting the well-known Albanian TV program “Xing me Ermalin” and making an appearance. Additionally, she has hosted other TV programs like “Bricijapi” and played the role of “Sekretarja” in the film “Falco.”

Rashel Kolaneci is a television personality, actress, model, and kickboxer from Albania. She became famous through TikTok videos. Rashel is well recognized for his performance as Sekretarja in Falco (2019). She also promotes many fashion businesses on Instagram through paid collaborations. Rashel began her modeling career by competing in many pageants. She became noticeable after appearing as a host on the Albanian television show Xing Me Ermalin. Rashel has also appeared in programs such as Bricijap, Shiko Khush Luan, and others.

Rashel Kolaneci  – Biography, Wiki 

Rashel Kolaneci was born on June 23, 1997, in Tirana, Albania. In addition to acting and hosting, she also kickboxes and has a strong following on social media. Her picture shoots and bold appearances have made her widely known. Rashel has a second career outside of modeling. She hosts a few TV shows, including Xing Me Ermalin, Bricijapi, and Shiko Khush Luan.

When she was young, rashel Kolaneci developed a modeling interest. After starting her Instagram account, several of her photos went viral due to her confident and attractive appearance, and as a result, she gained popularity. Then, having made the decision to pursue a career in modeling, she organized herself as a well-known model and started working with numerous prestigious fashion houses. Additionally, she has taken part in a number of modeling competitions held at her university and school.

In addition to acting and modeling, she has also participated in the film “Falco,” where she played the role of the Secretary. In addition to this, she is a champion kickboxer who has won a number of prizes and competed in several kickboxing competitions. When she started hosting ‘Xing me Ermalin,’ a popular Albanian program, Rashel gained some more popularity.

Rashel Kolaneci – Short Facts 

  • Full name – Rashel Kolaneci
  • Nickname – Raimus
  • Gender – Female
  • Date of birth – 22nd June 1997
  • Age – 25 years (as of February 2023)
  • Place of birth – Tirana, Albania
  • Current residence – Albania
  • Educational Qualification – Graduate
  • School – Yet to be updated
  • College – Ministria e Arsimit, Shkencës, Teknologjisë
  • Hobbies – Dancing, Travelling, and Modeling
  • Birth Place – Tirana, Albania
  • Hometown – Tirana, Albania
  • Current City – Tirana, Albania
  • Net Worth – $2-4 million USD
  • Nationality – Albanian
  • Zodiac sign – Cancer
  • Ethnicity – White (Albanian)
  • Religion – Christianity
  • Sexuality – Straight
  • Height in feet – 5′ 5″
  • Height in centimeters – 165
  • Weight in pounds – 121
  • Weight in kilograms – 55
  • Body measurements in inches – 36-26-40
  • Body measurements in centimeters – 91-66-102
  • Hair color – Dark brown
  • Eye color – Brown
  • Dress Size – N/A
  • Shoe Size – 7 (U.K)
  • Skin Tone – Fair
  • Marital status – Single
  • Profession – Actress, social media influencer, television host, & model TikTok – @Rashel Kolaneci Rashel Kolaneci’s
  • Instagram – @rashelkolaneci
  • Father name – NA
  • Mother name – NA
  • Siblings [Sister] – NA
  • Kids name – NA

Rashel Kolaneci’s Ethnicity And Family 

Based on online sources, Rashel Kolaneci is a member of the white Caucasian ethnic group. She was born within a firmly established family group. She no longer keeps an eye on the names of her parents and siblings in the press, though.

Our investigation indicates that Rashel’s father (name not known) is a prosperous businessman. Her mother is a housewife. According to her social media profiles, Kolaneci enjoys spending time with her close friends and family members. She practices Christianity.

Rashel Kolaneci – Country of Origin 

Our most recent research indicates that Rashel Kolaneci is an Albanian citizen. Particularly when they succeed in their field, a person’s nationality may make their country proud. People’s nationality may also begin to be connected with their name when they become renowned. It’s totally understandable if people want to know the nationality of their celebrities or stars.

Rashel Kolaneci – Early Life, Education, And Career 

Early Life

Rashel Kolaneci, a television personality for shows including Zing me Ermlin, Brikijapi, and many more, was brought up in Albania in 1997. She also had an appearance as Secretaryja in the film Falco. 

Early on, she showed a strong interest in modeling, and she practices Christianity. She enjoys spending time with her family, according to her Instagram bio. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, and her father is a wealthy businessman.

She is committed to developing her profession as a model. She has also collaborated with a number of well-known fashion companies and modeling agencies. In addition, she is a champion in pro kickboxing.

She has taken part in several modeling contests. When she finished her college education, she began concentrating on her professional modeling career. She arrived in Ministry e Arsimit, Shkencs, and Teknologjis.

She joined a number of modeling competitions at the beginning of her modeling career. Her spectacular modeling photoshoots were shared on her official Instagram account, and she received several brand endorsements.

She rose to fame after performing in the well-known Albanian program Zing me Ermlin and went on to star in a number of other programs, including Brickizap, Shiko Khush Luan, and others.

Bloc 13 Agency is in charge of her bikini fashion company, “Super Zebr,” which she owns. She follows more than a million people on Instagram.


Although she began competing in modeling competitions during her college years, Rashel has been an aspiring model and fashion legend since 2011. Her most recent film was Hollywood Generation. Rashel is a model with formal training who speaks three languages: French, English, and Romanian. She is presently working towards an MBA so that she would have more options for professional paths.

Modeling career

Rashel Kolaneci began her career as a model if we are talking about her professional life at that time. She has also taken part in a variety of modeling competitions. She started focusing on her professional modeling career after completing her higher education.

Additionally, she has agreements with well-known modeling agencies. In addition to this, she has walked the runway for various clothing companies. On her respected Instagram account, Rashel is well-recognized for sharing her stunning modeling session.

Throughout her career, Kolaneci has amassed a net worth of about $2–4 million USD. Rashel Kolaneci is not just a model but also a kickboxing champion. She has also participated in a variety of kickboxing competitions and received various honors. 

Rashel Kolaneci – Instagram account 

In the past, Kolaneci has contracts with a number of modeling agencies, namely Wellocati Management Group. Additionally, the well-known model had agreements with a number of top fashion companies, including Corona and Apple Shoe. 1.4 million users have loved Rashel’s picture sessions on her official Instagram account, where she additionally posted her incredible modeling images.

Rashel Kolaneci – Television Shows 

Rashel Kolaneci is well-known in the television business for her work as a TV actress and in TV series. In addition to being a skilled woman, she has also attracted considerable attention.

She has also appeared in a variety of shows, including Bricijap, Shiko Khush Luan, and others. According to her IMDB page, Kolaneci also played the part of Sekretarja in the movie Falco.

She rose to fame after appearing as a group on the popular Albanian program Xing me Ermalin.

But because she is such a skilled model and kickboxing champion, she has achieved fame and notoriety within the television industry. As a TV actor, she has a large fan base.

She has, nevertheless, gained an appreciation and a solid reputation in the television business due to her talent as a model and kickboxing champion. As a TV actor, she has a sizable following base.

Rashel Kolaneci – Videos/Photos 

Kolaneci has spent most of her life modeling. She was initially noticed when she was 17 years old and has since collaborated with all prestigious agencies in NYC, Milan, and Paris. She has been photographed for bikini, lingerie, swimsuit, and marriage photo sessions in addition to appearing in advertisements for jeans, perfume, and fashion publications. She may be seen on billboards all throughout New York City, performing as a Salsa dancer in Times Square, or on a moving vinyl banner inside Victoria’s Secret’s Legs Stadium shop, revealing her dancing underneath!

Rashel Kolaneci – Age, Height, Measurements, And Physical Appearance  

Rashel is young, which is the primary thing you need to know. Kolaneci is a Cancerian, and she gained Illuminance after being well-known on social media. Kolaneci is merely 55 kg and 5 feet 5 inches tall. If we were to be more specific, we would state that it is 34-26-40. She still has a lot to learn because she is so young. Despite her youth, she is an international sensation already with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her shoe size is 7(UK)

Rashel Kolaneci – Spouse And boyfriend 

On her TikTok site, where she has millions of followers, Rashel consistently uploads various lip-sync videos. People who adore Rashel are constantly interested in learning more about her romantic history, so we’re giving you the best data we can.

Rashel is 26 years old. She is single if we are talking about her marital status. Her relationship status is currently unknown, but our sources are working to find out, so as soon as we do, we’ll update this page. She is 26 years old.

Rashel Kolaneci – Net Worth 

As far as we are aware, Kolaneci’s net worth is between $1.8 million and $4 million (about). She is renowned for having taken part in several world championship competitions in addition to being a professional actress and kickboxing champion. During these contests, Rashel also proudly took home several awards.

  • Income $45k – 50k (Approx.)
  • Internet-really worth $2M (Approx.)
  • Modeling and paid classified advertisements provide income.

Rashel Kolaneci – Achievement And Awards

It is not surprising that talented Rashel Kolaneci got so much fame for her work in the entertainment industry, especially for her superb acting in Albanian films and TV shows. A few of her most notable accomplishments and honors are listed below:

  • Her performance in “The Journey” (2015) won her the title of Best Actress at the Albanian Film Festival. 
  • She won the title of the best female actor for her work in “A Small September Affair” (2014) at the “Stine Dashurie” (Love Season) Film Festival.
  • Her performance in “The Journey” (2015) won her the title of the best female actor at the “Ifti i Lumtur” (The Happy Couple) Film Festival.
  • Her performance in “The Journey” (2015) earned her the title of the best female actor at the “Kino Otok” International Film Festival.
  • In 2017, her performance in “Bora” won her the title of Best Actress award at the “Flame” Film Festival.
  • Rashel proudly took home the Actress of the Year trophy for her acting in “Bora” (2017) at the “Kujtimet e Nj Geisheje” (Memories of a Geisha) Film Festival. Besides these honors, Kolaneci has also received appreciation for her charitable activities, including the “Nna Terez” (Mother Teresa) Award for her charitable work in Albania.

All things considered, Kolaneci’s accomplishments and honors serve as a testament to both her ability and passion as an actor and her desire to have a positive effect on her community.

Rashel Kolaneci – Top Picks 

Colors include pink, white, and black.

Interests: Enjoy Playing With Puppies.

Rashel Kolaneci – Interesting Facts  

  • She works as a social worker, helping the weak and needy.
  • She keeps three animals in her house.
  • She enjoys going shooting when she has free time.
  • She had her lips surgery.
  • Bloc 13 Agency oversees her modeling career.
  • Over 1.4 million people follow Rashel on Instagram as of May 2022.
  • In addition, Rashel is the owner of the Super Zebr clothing company.
  • Her favorite habit is hookah smoking.
  • Rashel, who enjoys dogs and works in animal rescue, has earned prizes for having the most devoted fans.
  • Additionally, she has been recognized for producing the best lip-sync video on TikTok, where she uploads videos under the curvy alias “Rachel Miley.”
  • A renowned kickboxing champion and model, Kolaneci has a net worth of $2–4 million USD.
  • She has visited many other countries and made a lot of new friends, including the other specialists on our show right now!
  • Her dream was to become a kickboxer, but destiny forced her into modeling.
  • Rashel, whose username on YouTube is @rashel432, has a YouTube channel with more than 150k subscribers with just 16 videos released.
  • Additionally, her contributions can be found on a number of social media websites. There are 1.6 million followers on Rashel Kolaneci’s TikTok account.
  • She enjoys traveling, spending time on a yacht, and enjoying a sunbath.
  • Raimus works in social media and is a performer as well. She also had a role in the 2019 movie Falco, in which she represented an assistant. She also presents a television series called Shiko Kush Luan and engages in kickboxing.
  • She has gained notoriety by sharing sexy images and videos on several websites. After her lip surgery, some people said she now resembles Kiely Jenner.

Rashel Kolaneci – Social Media Facts 

Rashel Kolaneci was born and raised in Albania. Although her family’s history has not been made public, it appears that she is a member of the wealthy Rick family.

Kolaneci has become known for giving mesmerizing performances in photo shootings created by famous photographer Rashel.

In order to learn more about the situation of politics today, she has spoken with politicians.

Even before she was a child and while she was a child, Rashel was enamored with modeling.

She took part in many modeling contests, which aided in the beginning of her modeling career.

Rashel afterward joined a vocational school where she had the opportunity to study the craft of modeling, and she is now a supermodel for several different clothing companies.

Rashel Koloniçi is an actress who has acted as both the host of the Albanian discussion program Xing me Ermalin (presented by “Close to You,” from 2012 to the present) and the secretary in the eponymous 2012 film Falco.

Kolaneci is experienced in the world of movies as an actor.

In the popular movie Falco, she played Sekretarja in her debut performance.

Rashel also holds a black belt in kickboxing, and during the course of her career, she has won several titles.

She went on to host her own program after appearing on the well-known Albanian program Xing Me Ermalin.

The reports claim that Rashel K. operates her fashion line under the name “Super Zebr.”

Rashel Kolaneci – Social Media Platforms/Profiles/Username/Contact Details

  • Instagram – @rashelkolaneci
  • Twitter – @rashelkolaneci
  • Facebook – N/A
  • Tiktok – @rashelkolaneciofficial01
  • Rashel Kolaneci Youtube – rashel kolaneci
  • Twitch – N/A
  • Pinterest – N/A
  • Reddit – N/A
  • Website – N/A
  • Email – N/A
  • Contact – N/A

Rashel Kolaneci FAQs 

What country does Rashel Kolaneci belong to?  

The Rashel is of White (Albanian) origin and has Albanian nationality. She has faith in Christianity.

What is Rashel Kolaneci well-known for?  

Raimus is well-known as a media figure. She is a model and influencer on social media, as well as a television host and actor.

She rose to prominence by sharing her photos on Instagram, where she now has over 1.6 million followers. Brands recognized her platform following and approached her about brand endorsement opportunities.

How much money will Rashel Kolaneci have in 2023?

Official sources state that it is uncertain how much money the model will be worth in 2023, But according to reports, she is worth between $2 and $4 million.

Rashel Kolaneci is a married?

The social media influencer and actress is not married. She tries to keep information about her romantic relationships out of the public eye and is rumored to be single right now.

What is Rashel Kolaneci’s height?

Raimus is 165 cm tall and weighs roughly 121 pounds or 55 kilograms. She is 5′ 5″. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes, and her breast, waist, and hip measurements are 36-26-40 inches or 91-66-102 cm.

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